6kW Solar PV/ Panel Systems in Perth, WA| Installation, Price

6kW solar panel system in Perth, WA

When you are considering investing in solar power, you should think about how much it will cost in terms of maintenance and repairs. High-quality solar modules are very durable and require little maintenance. In general, we recommend that you consult with an accredited solar installer every year to ensure that your solar system does not lose efficiency and operate at peak performance. The effectiveness of solar cells can be influenced by many factors. This can be influenced in terms of the efficiency of the solar cell’s output power, where the angle of the panel is mounted by the solar azimuth. Other factors include what material the solar cells consist of, how old the solar cells are, how clean the panels are and how this affects solar cell exposure. 

6kW Solar Power System Installation & Repair in Perth, WA

Technically, solar arrays can be repaired. If the panel still has a warranty, contact the manufacturer and begin the complaint process. The main cost for maintaining a solar system is an annual fee to verify an accredited solar installer. The usual level of control for accredited solar installers is usually $ 150 to $ 300. For this money, they check connections, cables, panels, roof installations, DC separators, and inverters. We recommend an annual review. If your solar inverter needs to be replaced, this will be the cost of a new inverter and installation costs. As soon as a new solar system is installed, you don’t need to replace your solar module for at least 15 to 20 years.

Perth Solar Energy

On average, Perth receives solar energy radiation around 5.35 kilowatt-hours per day. Ideally, solar panels installed in Perth should face north. The permissible plate angle range is 16 ° to 26 ° and the optimal angle is 21 °. For typical PV roof installations, the actual mounting angle is determined by the roof pitch.

6kW Solar PV Systems Price & Output List in Perth, WA

High quality 6 kW photovoltaic systems cost between $4000 and $9,000 and are fully installed. It is important to know that with solar panels you usually get what you pay for. You can find a cheaper 6 kW solar system for less than $5,500. However, this usually requires the purchase of low and medium panels manufactured in China, often without the support of customer service. 

6kW Solar Power System Prices in Perth WA

For larger systems, it is important to maximize reliability, productivity, and longevity. So, if you spend a little more in advance, you can save a lot of money throughout the life of the system. Solar Systems offers a guarantee of comprehensive service and comprehensive technical support. This gives our customers peace of mind that we treat you when there are problems.

As a rough guide, you can save up to $ 1600 per year on energy costs with a 6kW solar power system in Perth WA. Of course, to save $ 400 per quarter, you have to use a lot of energy during the day – up to 30kWh in summer. If you can get the most out of your 6kW system, you can spend up to $ 10,000, take the top position and get a refund in just 4 years.


Overview of 6kW Solar Panel 
Average cost $3,990 and $9,000
Total panels 22 to 24
Power generated 26.4 units/day
Saving $400 per electricity bill cycle

Benefits Of 6kW Rooftop Solar Energy Systems For Home in Perth, Western Australia?

6 kW solar system (or more commonly) 6.6 kW solar system is becoming increasingly popular among Australian households because of several factors, including affordability, adequate size, and easy grid connectivity. 

The 6kW solar system is ideal for medium to large families. They are a great choice for large families with high energy needs. So, if you have a pool, air conditioner, and spa, this is the system for you.

6kW Solar Panels has many amazing benefits for consumers, including the ability to save money, reduce their carbon footprint, environment-friendly and live independently of the electrical resources.

6kW solar system off-grid comes with Inverter, PV Combiner Box, Charger Controller, Battery, Solar Mounting Structure and PV Cable. The 6kW solar panel kit requires space of up to 450 square meters.

You are not sure which solar system is best for your needs? Contact us today and we can help you choose a solar photovoltaic system that suits your location, budget, and lifestyle. We deliver high-end solar power systems at affordable rates. We are one of the topmost 6kW Solar System Provider Company in Perth, Australia. 

6kW Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 6kw solar panel cost in Perth WA? 

The average cost of a 6kW solar system can range between $ 3,990 and $ 9,000. Cheaper options are available, but prices are generally a good indicator of quality. At Future Solar WA, we only sell the most trusted solar systems in the world to ensure your investment pays off.

We also guarantee that all of our 6kW solar panels will be covered by Australia’s warranty and support. That way, you are protected when something goes wrong and you don’t need to work with another provider.

2. What are the Dimensions of 6kW solar panel in Perth WA? 

The 6kW solar system has 20 solar photovoltaic panels. Each panel (6kW solar panel size) measures around 1.6 m x 1 m.

3. What is the Capacity of 6kW solar power system? 

The high quality 6kW solar panel capacity pays off for around 2.5 to 4 years. But with solar power, your savings start from day one. As soon as your 6kW solar system generates energy, you save energy costs – savings that significantly extend the life of your solar system.

4. How Many Panels Does a 6kw Solar PV System Have? 

The modern 6 kW solar system, which uses modules with 275 watts to 320 watts, will consist of about 22 to 24 panels.

5. What is the average kWh a 6kW Solar Module will produce? 

The high-quality 6 kW solar module produces 26.4 units per day – enough to balance the average household energy consumption. However, the performance of your 6kW solar system depends on your location, system location, and quality. The solar system produces more energy (especially in the summer months) as well as absorbs as much direct sunlight as possible. Quality is also an important factor- the higher the quality of your solar modules and inverters, the better the results.

We can tell you which system best suits your needs by drawing your attention to the best brands in the market. And our professional installer positions your system so that it absorbs as much sun as possible throughout the year.

6. What is the Area Required For the 6kw Solar Panel System in Western Australia? 

Usually, each panel has a size of around 1.7 m2, so the roof area needed for a 6 kW system is between 37 and 40 m2 – or maybe more, depending on your roof and whether you need a bevelled frame, you should have more distance bigger than the panel mounted on the side of the roof.


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