Best Solar Panel Installers In Perth WA

Best Solar Panel Installers In Perth WA: We all know very well why most of the people in Australia are heading towards getting solar panels installed in their homes. There are almost 8 hours of direct sunlight we get in Australia and this can be used efficiently to generate solar power so that we can save more on electricity bills. Installing a solar panel system has more advantages than we actually think of it. But before choosing the right solar panel system, you must research the best residential solar installers in Perth WA for your commercial or residential property. So here we are Future Solar WA to guide you with some important points about solar installation along with their price ranges and benefits. 

Is Solar Panel Installation in Perth a smart investment option for you?

In the past few years, it has been noted that many people have opted for solar panel installers as they are providing great benefits to the customers. To make it understand, below are some points which indicates why solar panel installers Here are some of the main reasons why choosing solar panel installers in Perth is a great saving option for you:

1) Lowest Solar System Cost:

If we talk about the system cost, you will be happy to know that Perth provides the cheapest solar panel installers in the whole world. Just for an example, a system of 6.6 kW in Perth costs you around $4500 which includes the suitable solar panel and inverter as well. Apart from this, you can also add on the best system along with the other accessories as per your requirements so as to get the best returns.

2) Low Payback Time:

Now, when it comes to the payback period, it is also very low in Perth so it will definitely be a good option for savings. To make it more clear, let’s take the example of the 6.6 kW system. So if you install a 6.6 kW system to meet your daily energy requirements and electricity tariffs in Perth, then your payback period will be around 5 years and this is an amazing investment option for you. For those people who are not familiar with the term ‘payback period’, it is basically a time period in which you receive the total cost of a fully implemented solar installer back. Always remember, the less will be the payback period, the more return on investment you get. 

3) Decent Feed-In-Tariff:

The decent feed-in tariffs offered by the government and the other companies have been the reason behind the lowest price of solar installers in Perth. Your solar installer system generates enough solar energy if it gets large roof space and more sunlight, then it will send a good amount of energy back to the grid. This will enable the customer to get more feed-in tariff in their electricity bills after they self consumed the power as per their requirements. 

How do we choose the best solar systems in Perth WA?

Basically, there are only two components in a Grid-connected System: solar panels and inverters.

Solar Panel- Solar panels are used to absorb the sunlight and generate electrical power.  

Inverter- Inverters help to convert sunlight into electrical energy which can be used to run household appliances.  You can also add a monitor which will help the system to maximize the output of the energy.  

To get the best solar system for your home, always focus on the quality, size of the system required according to your usage, and the price of the system that determines whether it is suitable according to your range. 

Few things to be kept in mind: 

  • Always compare the solar panel efficiency among the preferred options while purchasing the solar system for your commercial or residential properties. Usually, the ideal efficiency of the solar system is 16-18%.
  • Another point you should check while purchasing the right solar system for you is its manufacturing warranty period against the industry as it should be between 10-25 years if you really want better efficiency and ROI.
  • Do check its durability while purchasing the right solar system panel for your house. The good durability will provide you with excellent system’s efficiency along with a greater return on investment in a low payback period.
  • If you live in a snowy or in an area having more wind flow, it is always suggested by the installers to choose a system that grants the IEC 61215 standards. 
  • Don’t chase only low price systems but always consider and compare the other factors as well like the system’s efficiency, reliability and warranty periods. 
  • Before choosing the right system for your house, look out your roof space, sunlight duration and your energy usage. If you have a larger area of roof space and high energy requirements also, then it will be beneficial for you to add more and more panels. But, if you do not have high energy requirements, then you can go for the smaller solar system within your budget. 

So while concluding this, before choosing the best solar panel system, first you need to understand your energy requirement and then after that look out for the most economical option that comes along with good brand quality and efficiency for the best return on investments. Once you find the list of best solar companies in Perth, choose accordingly. You can also get help by visiting our official website of Future Solar WA to make your decision more reliable.  We provide the best services from installation to guide you all along. 

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