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In the modern era, we have the latest technologies and gadgets which could leverage solar energy. The 1kW solar power system is one of those technologies to convert solar energy into electrical power. It has several benefits which persuaded the Australians to install a solar power system at their place. Solar panel installation is an excellent future investment. These are available in various sizes depending upon the requirement. 1 KW is the smallest capacity of solar plants, and the range can be increased to 35 KW or more. This affordable and accessible source of electricity is making life easy for people in Australia.

1 kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation and Repair In Perth WA

1 KW Solar System is a combination of Photovoltaic Panels and DC to AC power converter. This system works on the principle of energy conversion. It generates clean electricity by converting light energy into the sun. This system can support the total connected load of 3KWh. However, solar system power generation capacity depends on the primary factors given below.

  • Installation site and its climate
  • Angle and orientation of the solar array
  • Inverter capacity vs. panel capacity
  • The quality and performance of Panels and inverter
  • The actual temperature of panels

 These factors affect the generation of electricity, so the production of electric energy changes during the summer and winter season. For example, this solar power system will produce 3KWh power in the winter season at midday. In summer, it is expected to produce 5KWh energy in Perth (The figures are approximate and may change depending on your locality or presence of shade). From the region, area of the rooftop to Solar panel size for 1 KW system is necessary to be considered at the time of installation.

1 kW Solar Power PV Systems Price In Perth WA

These days, the installation of the 1KW system is rarely found, as larger systems are used frequently. But these panels are suitable for addition to existing solar power installation. People usually select a 1KW solar system for home to get the necessary power.


  No. of Panels 3-10
  Total Cost  $2100-$3000 (approx.)
  Power Generated  Around 3-6 units per day
  Savings Between $100-$350 (approx.) per bill cycle
  Payback Period 3-5 years
  Suited to   Small Houses with Consumption of 3-5kW/day


1 kW Solar Panel System for Your Home In Perth, Western Australia

We provide the best 1kW solar panels in Western Australia. We have a range of solar power panels of different sizes. Moreover, Pre and Post sales services are superior in the area. If you want to install 1 KW solar panel, then it is available here at a reasonable price. Selecting our services is beneficial for you in many ways.

  • We provide high-quality components of the system. Professionals and experts do the installation services.
  • We have more than ten years of experience and provide the best solar solutions for your requirements.
  • The installation charges per watt are less than $2, which automatically decreases the 1 KW solar system price and save your money.

Contact Us Now For Best 1kW Solar System In Perth, WA

People living in Perth are more reliable in solar power systems. They use renewable resources to generate electricity, and it’s commendable work. Our main aim is to make the experience of customers in switching to renewable sources a satisfying one. If you want to install a 1 KW solar system at your home, then contact us immediately. We provide the solutions and install the solar panels of various sizes. Your rooftop dimensions will decide if it suits the 1KW solar panel area. Our team will help you in making a decision. We will guide you about the solar panels and system during the initial appointment and will be in contact even after the installation.

We ensure that our customers should get the best services. You can contact us through Email or call us at 08 61175726

1kw solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 1kw solar panel costs in Perth, WA?

The 1 KW Solar panel price lies in between $2100-$3000 (approx.). However, the price may vary if you are using this panel as an addition to the existing solar system at your home. The cost depends on the components used in the installation. So if you are installing the complete 1 KW solar panel kit, then the price will be higher than adding it to the pre-existing solar system.

2. What are the Dimensions of 1kw solar panel?

The 1KW solar panel size is 1.6m x 1m, and a total of 3-10 solar panels will be required for installation. So the area for 1 KW Solar panel needed for installation is 100sq feet.

3. What is the capacity of a 1kw solar power system?

1KW solar panel capacity is better for small houses as it can generate 3-4.5 units per day. However, many factors can increase or decrease the power generation through the solar system. Climate, area, absence, and presence of shade play a vital role in the capacity of panels. Our team is wholly dedicated to installing the system in the manner to maximize energy output.

4. Will an Off-Grid 1kW Solar Panel Meet My Household Consumption Requirements?

1 KW solar system Off-grid gives 4 hours backup for the 800-watt load. The backup time increases if the power consumption decreases. IT means if you have a small house with less than 500-watt load, then you can opt for this system. However, the area and other factors will decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

5. How much is the lifespan of the 1kW solar panel after I install it at home In Perth WA?

The solar panels nearly have a lifespan of 20-25 years. However, the material and quality are responsible for the life of the panels. The maintenance of these panels is also necessary. If you are following the instructions correctly, then it’s a long term investment for many years.

6. What is the usual energy generated by a 1kW Solar Panel system in Perth, WA?

The 1 KW solar power systems usually generate 3-4.5 kWh of electricity. The total energy generated by this system is about 1100-1600KWh per year. The total energy generated by this system may vary in different places. Also, DNI is necessary to measure for energy generation.

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