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Solar Panel Installation Services in Perth WA

Energy is the primary driving force of nature. Every activity regardless of its magnitude requires a certain amount of energy. Without it, accomplishing any task is simply impossible. Human beings are the most dominant species in the world because we have found ways of harnessing energy from various natural sources. Usually, crude oil and electricity are used to carry out the majority of mechanical functions that require some amount of energy. However, these sources of energy are not inexhaustible. Therefore, the cost of these resources is increasing by every passing day. One of the best alternatives to these sources of energy is Solar Power Systems. This is why solar panels Perth services are gaining popularity. Let’s learn more about these systems.

Our Solar Services?

solar panel Perth WA

Solar Panels

Solar Panels collect clean renewable energy directly from the sunlight and convert the sunlight into electricity which can be used for multiple household purposes. A solar panel power system is very less expensive and can provide power for the upcoming 25-30 years if the solar panels are cleaned and maintained properly. Our solar panels brands include the best-accredited solar panel manufacturers in Perth.

solar inverter installation Perth
Solar Inverters

By installing a solar panel system, you are creating your own electricity from sunlight. A solar inverter is an important part of your solar power system as it converts the DC electricity into AC power in real-time. We offer the solar inverter with a warranty and remote monitoring so that you can track your solar installation’s performance as well.

solar batteries Perth
Solar Batteries

A solar battery protects your house from blackouts and keeps the circuits of your home running even when you lose power. Battery performance is totally based on the design and PV system operations. It enables easy expansion if the power requirements increase. We provide solar batteries having a fully modular system along with a warranty and have an easy installation process.

solar panel repair Perth
Solar Repair Services

As the solar panels are out in the open at the rooftop, dust will start to settle on them which will gradually start blocking the sunlight and thus reducing the efficiency of your solar panels. We provide the best solar cleaning services by professional solar panel cleaners and well-trained technicians.

Benefits of Solar Energy In Perth WA

Before investing in any new technology, it is important to understand it from every aspect. Having solar power systems has a lot of benefits, but they come at a price. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Solar Power Systems.

It is a renewable source of energy and costs much less than other sources of energy upon installation. However, the solar panel installation cost is fairly high. Paying for panels, batteries, wiring, inverter and the installation can cost a fortune. However, the WA government is offering many solar energy tariff programs.

  • Solar modules are generally very reliable and can help in case there’s a blackout, however, these panels can get damaged. In such a case, a solar panel upgrade, or solar panel repair needs to be performed. Repairing or upgrading the equipment in the solar panel can be very costly.
  • Solar panels often provide a consistent source of energy, but they are negatively influenced if the weather is cloudy. Since the solar panels require sunlight to produce energy, cloudy weather can seriously hamper the performance of solar panels.
  • Solar panels can produce a lot of electricity, enough to run a household of any size. However, they also consume a lot of space. To serve a big house, the solar panels would also have to be big to collect more light.
  • Easy Solar Panel Installation in 4 Steps

    When it comes to the installation on your solar system, we also have a 4 step process, to make sure you’re all good to go.


    Step 1: Inspection

    Our team will attend your location and will inspect the site to pinpoint the best positioning of the Solar panel system. We help you to make the most of your solar energy and avoid any potential hazards. The team follows all the safety precautions while installing your new solar panel system.


    Step 2: Prefixing Solar Panels

    We fix the brackets and racking to your room before placing the PV Solar Panels. Once the fixing is done, we connect it with the solar modules as per the solar system structure. We use connectors to connect the solar array wiring.


    Step 3: Mounting Panels

    The panels are then attached to the racking with extruded aluminum clamps and connected together with cables into the DC insulator. It enables the PV system to connect to the rooftop and it holds the solar panels system for a long period. The mounting system is attached to the center and holds the solar panels or arrays on the roof.


    Step 4: Connection

    We then connect the wire of the solar panel to the backside of the inverter. Overall, solar panels, solar batteries, and solar grid input are connected with a solar inverter to produce electricity. Battery connection is the most important part as it stores the power backup.

    SPCP Perth

    How It Works?

    Step 1: Sunlight

    Sunlight is the ultimate source of energy which can also be converted into electricity for household purposes. Solar panels consist of solar cells that help to convert sunlight into electricity when it is exposed to sunlight. When the sunlight hits the surface of solar panels, the photons present in the sunlight are absorbed by these solar cells thus creating electric flow across the layer.

    Step 2: Inverter

    A solar inverter helps to convert DC electricity into AC power in real-time. This AC electricity can be used for your home appliances. They are also responsible for operational functions and increases the efficiency of the PV system. A solar inverter also includes a proper battery management system. The solar inverters are easy to set up and are more reasonable.

    Step 3: Power

    Solar energy is converted into electricity and this process of conversion is known as solar power energy. This process takes place by using solar panels, batteries, and inverter. Solar power helps in lowering utility bills and also contributes to a clean and green environment. Solar power can be used for diverse household purposes.

    Step 4: Savings

    Solar power systems generate your own electricity and meets all your household electricity needs which in turn reduces your electricity bills. The bigger the size of your solar PV system, the bigger your savings will be. It requires little maintenance even over a long period of time which saves your extra cost for services.

    Why Choose Us For Solar Power Installation in Perth, WA
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    We have a wide variety of Solar Panels to accommodate the needs of their customers. Due to their diligent service and efficient systems, Solar Panel Cost Price is quickly becoming the best solar panel installer in Perth, WA. Anyone interested in purchasing a new rooftop solar system for home in Perth or other parts of Australia can contact them and get the best solar panel prices.

    Before you go ahead and initiate your purchase order, here are a few frequently asked questions that will help you choose the right solar power system after completing accurate solar power comparison.

    Solar Power
    Solar Power

    Solar Power Systems Installation & Repair Services In Perth, WA

    Solar power systems are devices that harness solar energy with the help of photovoltaic. Multiple photovoltaic panels are connected to form a solar power system. These systems are usually installed on the roof, with the help of solar power installation companies. Ideally, they are positioned such that they face in the north, east or west and tilted at a specific angle to maximize their exposure to sunlight. Solar panels produce clean electricity by harnessing sunlight and do not cause any pollution either. Here’s why everyone should have a solar power system.

    We all know that solar energy is best option among renewable energies. solar power is incredibly beneficial in various aspects. Apart from the obvious financial benefits, there are many other ways through which one can benefit from using solar panels for the house.

  • First and foremost, solar energy is a renewable form of energy. Therefore, by using photovoltaic panels you are contributing to reducing the carbon footprint. Greenhouse gasses aren’t released while using the solar power plant. These plants do require a certain amount of clean water to function. This is why solar energy is considered as the safest and the most environmentally friendly source of energy.
  • Solar power systems also provide a consistent source of electricity. Situations such as blackouts, or power cuts can be avoided by installing a basic domestic solar power system. The prices of electricity also shoot up periodically, therefore, having a solar power system proves to be a cost-effective solution.
  • Solar PV System Main Components

    Solar panel systems are quite fascinating and having a good understanding of these systems can help people in purchasing the right systems for their household. Let’s have a look at the components of a solar power system.

    Solar Panels

    Obviously the most visible component of the system. These panels are installed in an open area where they can be exposed to sunlight.

    Mounting Rock

    The mounting racks are used for joining the panels in an array. They hold the panels together and ensure that the panels can stay intact.

    Array DC Disconnect

    This device is used to disconnect the solar arrays from home for maintenance.

    Solar Inverter

    Solar panels generate DC, but home appliances use AC. Therefore, it is important to have an inverter up and running.

    Solar Batteries

    Solar systems produce electricity during the day, but home appliances often need electricity during the night. So the solar power systems also come with a battery pack that can store energy and provide an uninterrupted supply during the night.

    Apart from these basic components, sometimes the solar power systems also have some added components as per the requirements. In Australia, the environment is ideal for people to install and rely on solar power systems for fulfilling the majority of their electricity needs. Due to the high number of people who wish to purchase and install solar power systems for house. Many companies have started to offer solar installation in Perth. One of the best companies that offer solar power systems Perth Australia is . We are the top solar energy companies in Western Australia who strive to provide the best service at the most competitive rate.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Solar Installation Services

    A solar installation is the one way to reduce your electricity bills and benefits the environment as well. It generates electricity without any gas emissions since the electricity is made from sunlight itself. Once you install a solar PV system, it converts the sunlight energy into electricity and provides power to your homes. It also provides a battery storage system that helps you to provide power during blackouts.

    We offer you varied options according to your preference for the solar panels system. We have the best CEC accredited solar panels, inverter, and battery brands for you. Our team provides proper installation services along with professional staff and well-trained technicians. Once you install your solar panel system from us, we make sure that things are working in the right way. If you have any queries, we are always there for your service.

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    They are expert in this field with great communication. I loved their problem solving capabilities. They had resolved my all concerns about the solar panel installation process. I just filled the contact form on their website and rest of the process was automated by them. It was very comfortable for me to deal with a very professional team for solar system installation.

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    I have a small IT company have 40-50 team members. I wanted to run my entire office with clean energy source. Solar energy was only prominent option. I contacted the SPCP Perth team for solar panel system installation at my work place. It was a tremendous experience with them. Now my entire office is running on solar energy. thanks to SPCP Perth team.

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    Best Quality Solar Systems

    Thanks a lot to SPCP Perth solar panel installation team members. now, i am saving my 50% electricity bill each quarter. This way, I will get back my solar investment in two year as suggested by the SPCP Perth team. They are very supportive and always ready to resolve your any concerns. I recommend everyone for solar installation by SPCP Perth team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do Solar Modules Work?

    Solar modules function by allowing particles of light, also known as photons, to collide with free electrons from atoms. This generates a flow of electricity which can be stored and used for various purposes later on.

    How To Choose a Suitable Solar Photovoltaic System for Perth, WA?

    If you are looking for a high performing solar panel and cost is not an issue for you, then you should opt for Monocrystalline panels. If you are looking for the most environment-friendly option and don’t want to shell out a lot of money, then you should opt for Polycrystalline solar panels. The most budget-friendly option would be thin-film solar panels. People who have small homes can also purchase amorphous solar panels.

    Things To Know Before Investing in Solar Power Systems in Perth, WA?

    Keeping a track of things such as the length of the manufacturer’s warranty, recommendations, solar panel certifications, the efficiency of inverters, the types of panels and the prices should be understood before investing in a solar power system.

    What is the Average Price of Solar Power Systems in Perth, WA?

    Solar panel systems can cost anywhere between $2500 – $8000 depending on the differences in the type of solar panel, the quality and the brand of the solar panel that is being purchased. Solar panels can be very beneficial if purchase from a reputable brand that provides assured service, whenever required.

    What Are the Different Types of Solar PV Panels?

    Solar photovoltaic cells are generally divided into three types. Monocrystalline panels, Polycrystalline and Thin-film panels. Monocrystalline panels are highly efficient and their performance is impressive but they cost significantly more than the other types of panels. Polycrystalline panels do not cost much but their performance and efficiency are generally not up to the mark.

    What Are The Benefits of Using PV Solar Panels In Perth, Western Australia?

    Solar panels have numerous benefits. They offer an economical alternative to regular electricity and ensure that people can have a consistent supply of electricity at their homes in an eco-friendly manner.

    What is the Lifespan of a Solar PV System?

    Solar PV Systems typically come with a warranty of 20 years and guarantee that the solar panels would produce at least 80 per cent of the power after the end of the warranty period. However, these specifications can vary depending on the manufacturer.

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