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During sunny days in Australia, solar battery storage systems are the best way to generate some power and save money on the electricity bill. But as there is tough competition in the market so it is very difficult to choose the best option for you. The use of solar energy is popular in Australia as numerous residents understand that they belong to the land and have a responsibility to take care of it. It’s always best to be ahead of the crowd and opt for an efficient solar energy system. While there are numerous tiny means to maximize energy production, solar battery storage can create a huge impact on operations in the long run. Adding solar power batteries to the solar panel system will enable the user to store the excess electricity to make off later rather than rely on the electricity grid. 

To support this the Australian government also launched a solar battery subsidy scheme in 2018 where up to 40,000 households were given subsidies to install battery storage in their houses. With grants of $6,000 individually, right now is the best time for Australians to invest in the best solar battery options. 

Solar Power Batteries Installation & Maintenance Services In Perth WA

The concept of solar batteries is not new and has been in use for a long time. They connect to the solar energy system and are tailored to the utility rates so that the user doesn’t have to undertake operations. The system will be able to produce energy and store it for later use without needing to do extra work. The biggest advantage of these solar batteries is that they store the unused solar energy making it easy to use when the lights go out. The use of solar batteries helps to make use of electricity generated through solar panels on a regular basis. 

Solar batteries cost a little more than standard diesel generators but they are able to efficiently offer backup power without emitting any kind of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Solar Battery Storage System Benefits vs. Cost Comparison in Perth, WA

With time and use, the prices of Solar batteries have come down dramatically. The cost of solar batteries varies and is accessible at good rates. 

Usage (benefit) Cost 
1.5 kW (energy usage of $200/ quarter) $2,500 (basic) to $3,500 (top-notch)
6kW (energy usage of $500-1000/ quarter) $4,000 to $8,000
10 kW (energy usage of $1000+/ quarter) $9,000 to $12,000
100 kW  $1,20,000


These prices are impacted by numerous factors like contractor costs, government incentives, types and sizes of inverter and solar panels and the experience of the company installing the solar panels in Perth. Ultimately, the size and the quality of the system makes a huge difference to the cost. 

What Are the Types of Solar Power Battery?

There are four kinds of batteries which are used in solar power systems, which are listed below:

1. Lead Acid Solar Power Batteries

These are a bulky option but are highly dependable and come with longer warranties. These have been used by Aussies for decades now. 

2. Flow Batteries 

These are new and have a water-based solution of zinc-bromide inside. They sit on the shelf with the power to operate at zero charges without degrading.

3. Lithium-ion Solar Power Batteries

These are the batteries present on an iPhone or laptops and are mostly used inside the Tesla Powerwall which connects thousands of AA batteries and creates a shield to generate power.   

4. Sodium Nickel Chloride Batteries 

These can be used in wider ranges of the environment and are fully recyclable with no release of other toxic chemicals. The most expensive variety available costs around $20,000.   

How Does a Solar Panel System Battery Work?

With the use of a solar panel system, the excess solar energy is exported to the grid and the utility pays for it which is termed as ‘net metering’. The solar battery stores the excess energy which can be used to provide light during a power out. There are numerous batteries available in the Australian market and yet now the most powerful is the Tesla Powerwall which contains a power of 13.5 kWh and is sufficient for usage by a family for a full 24 hours. 

Solar Power System Battery Cost/ Price Comparison List

We have compared some solar batteries available in Australia so that you can have a clear idea about purchasing. 

Product Name  BMZ ESS3.0 Akasol neeoQube Delta Hybrid E5 GenZ 48V 3kWh
Battery type  Li-ion  Lithium-ion  Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Price excludes. installation  $7,700 $12,000 $6,600 $3,450 
Nominal storage  6.74kWh 5.5 kWh 6 kWh 3 kWh
Pros  German made, high quality, high 8kWh continuous discharge power. High cycle life and a 10-year warranty. Both off-grid and hybrid setups and have multiple safety features Self-manageable and 5 years application in the Australian outback
Cons  Limited number of inverters Expensive and capable only with SMA inverters   No warranty document provided Supported by limited Australian solar batteries. 
Weight  95 Kgs 62 Kgs 57 Kgs 35 Kgs
Off-grid capability? Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 

Contact Us Now for the Best Solar Panel System Battery Installation Brand in Perth, WA

Solar batteries are a new concept in Australia and not everyone knows about it, so it’s best to get in touch with the best professional team in Australia. If you are still confused then connect with us today itself as we offer a one-day installation for the solar batteries so that you can enjoy clean energy with fewer apprehensions. Our installers are certified and trained in their operations and together we will ensure that your entire installations meet the highest safety quality and efficiency standards. We promise to help you join thousands of households in Australia who are already a part of the Solar revolution. 

Solar Power System Batteries FAQs

1. Will Solar Batteries Allow Me to Go Off-Grid?

This option leads to complete severing of the connection to the electric utility. The batteries offer more value when connected to the electric grid. But in order to go completely off the grid, there needs to be a battery that can store huge amounts of extra energy in the summers so that it can meet the essentials needs during the winters. It is best to stay on-grid because an off-grid option would lead to shelling tens of thousands of dollars and also create a section of your home or garage for a huge multi-battery energy storage system for the operations.

2. How Much Does an Average Solar Battery Cost In Perth, WA?

The amount of a solar battery mostly depends on the usage of solar power but as an initial point, the cost of a solar battery starts from $5000 or nearly around $ 105 a month over 5 years for smaller systems. But bigger Tesla options cost nearly around $12,500 to $14,000 depending on numerous other factors of usage. 

3. What are the types of solar batteries and which one is the best for me?

The types have been mentioned above along with the capacity of the batteries which are desirable for a house with specific usages. But in most cases in Australia, it is best to make use of lithium-ion batteries as they are the most efficient ones when it comes to generating power. 

4. Perth, WA is the ideal location to place a solar battery?

Since batteries emit a corrosive and an explosive combination of oxygen and hydrogen gases during the last stages of charging, which may ignite in case of exposure to any flame or spark, they must be properly placed and installed in a well-ventilated enclosure, if possible, then away for the residential area. It is prudent to mount the batteries on stands to keep them clear of the ground and not install them directly onto the concrete which cools the ground temperature and can lower the capacity of the battery. These batteries should be kept off the sunlight as high temperatures can cause the electrodes to erode more quickly than at a normal rate. 

5. How long would a solar battery life last In Perth, Western Australia?

The lifespan of a solar battery is between 5 and 15 years and it must be replaced once to match with the lifespan of the solar panel system which is 25-30 years. Proper maintenance is essential to keep is modified for use. It is necessary to protect it from freezing temperatures in order to increase its usefulness. 

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