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The use of solar energy is an eco-friendly decision a user can undertake to contribute towards the safety of the environment. This investment is sure to support a country’s economy by creating more and more employment opportunities and helping the nation to accomplish effective energy independence. Solar power acts as an excellent antidote to the increasing threat of air pollution. At the individual level, the use of a solar power system can benefit homeowners to save hundreds and thousands of dollars on utility spending. But the major advantage of the solar power system is that it can be contributory in avoiding premature deaths. But thanks to the decreasing prices of the solar equipment, the solar industry has undergone a rapid surge over the past few years. Today more and more citizens are opting for solar power systems to power their homes and appliances, the enthusiasm of much is rooted in the dipping solar panel prices and government incentives. 

10kW Solar Panel System Price List in Perth, WA

10kW solar power systems consist of approx. 40 solar panels can generate enough energy to store for residential and small office purposes where electricity consumption is not much. Many Australians are opting solar power systems as it can perform various functions without any extra expense. Moreover, it is one of the best alternate options to fulfill the daily needs of country people. Most solar arrays offer 5 years payback period which means you can use products without any fear of its damage or technical issue. Power generation of any solar power system depends on the weather and geographical location as well. In normal sunny days, it can produce up to 45 kW in a day. As compared to other solar power systems, 10kW solar array required a lot of space as it has many panels. The property value can be effectively increased with the use of a 10 kW Solar Panel system. 


Overview of  10k Solar Panel
Average cost $9,810 approx
Total panels 30 x 330 W panels
Power generated 65-75 kWh power
Saving $700 to $100 per quarterly bill. 

10kW Solar Panel/ Power System Installation and Repair Services in Perth, WA

The Solar energy industry in Australia is a tough market for numerous Solar equipment competitors. Over the past decades, numerous solar companies have struggled when the market gets tough and ultimately is forced into liquidation. But we have worked hard over these years with efficiency to develop the best client base with the best solar services and products in the Australian market. We have been major solely dedicated service departments in Australia. We are subject to external audits to make sure that the company processes are documented accurately, adhering to the highest standards and are client-focused. We recommend that when investing in a Solar Power System for your household, research is paramount. We make sure of not only the prices of the products but also the choices of the customers, diverse products and the company’s history. 

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Whether you are in search of a new solar system or repairing of the existing solar system then you can relax and connect with us for guaranteed service and quality workmanship at a cost-effective price. Our service teams are honest, reliable, friendly and here to answer the questions and the concerns of the user. We offer the most efficient maintenance and installation services for the 10-kW solar system among others to the numerous residential clients and small businesses. With time, we have developed a reputation as a ‘result-oriented’ solar technology provider, thus with promise gaining the trust of our customer base. We have the best portfolio of services, products and the necessary knowledge to address all of your solar-related concerns. We perform what is right for your solar system so that all you can relax and enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. 


10kw Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ


1. How much does a 10kw solar panel system cost in Perth, WA?

As per the latest trends of 2019, the average cost of a 10kw solar module off-grid in Perth, Australia is nearly $ 0.98 per watt or about $9,810, with a low of $0.60/W and a high of about $1.47/W. With consideration to low prices and substantial government incentives, it is now becoming common for a family household to install a 10kw solar panel at cost-effective prices. The wholesale 10kw solar panel price continues to be dominated by varying market conditions.

2. What are the Dimensions of the 10kw solar power system?

A 10-kW solar panel system contains nearly 31 to 40 solar panels which are 1.6m x 1m in size. Since the size of these panels is a little big users are required to have a roof space of nearly 50 to 60 sq. m. to be precise for their functions.

3. What is the capacity of a 10kw solar module?

The capacity of solar module usually depends on the sunlight and its number of panels. For example, a majority of 10kW solar panel systems in Perth produce 40-44 kWh per day in normal winter days but this amount is almost double in summers as it can produce 65-75 kWh power in the hot sunny days. Users have an option to split the panel arrays in order to use it at different times.

4. What is the number of panels in a 10kW Solar Photovoltaic system?

The number of panels varies with the size of the photovoltaic system as these are responsible for increasing output and the durability of the system. Roof space is the major criterion that needs attention while ascertaining the 10kw solar panel capacity. By installing high-efficiency panels, the users can make use of 30 x 330 W panels instead of the standard 38 x 270 W solar panels.

5. How much money can I expect to save using a 10kW solar PV system in Perth, Western Australia?

Financial and environmental savings through the use of the Solar array depend on numerous factors like energy consumption, orientation, tilt and the shading of the solar arrays being used. With the use of a 10kW solar power system, a user can nearly have $2,852 as Annual Financial Savings. In simple words, a user can save nearly 22 to 30 cents a kWh, contingent on the payment of the power and the retailer and the user will be paid nearly 5-8 cents a kWh for the power the user sends back to the grid. Basically, a user with the use of solar panel size for 10kw can save around $700 to $100 per quarterly bill. 

For a larger residential solar system, it is vital to maximizing reliability, output and longevity, and thus spending a little more upfront can save the user a lot of money throughout the lifespan of the system. The average payback period for a 10-kW solar system is between 3 to 5 years, however, users begin saving as soon as the system generates energy, so the actual savings begin upon installation.

6. How much roof space do I require to install a 10kW solar power system in Perth, WA?

A user approximately requires 50-68 m2 of roof space to efficiently generate 10 kW solar energy which mostly is contingent on the wattage of the panels used that varies from 30-40 panels. If the roof is too small or does not receive sufficient sunlight, then it is best to place the solar panel at a different location or make use of a solar carport. These provide protection to the car and also offer abundant space for the solar panels. These solar carports also benefit in charging electric cars, lawn equipment and golf carts. But since Perth enjoys sufficient sun saturation than most places in Australia, investment in solar systems is always a good investment.

7. What is the price range of 10kW solar power system in Perth, WA?

The price range of an efficient quality of the 10 kW solar system in Perth varies between $9,900 to $14,300. The users are recommended that when it comes to selecting a solar system, they should always consider the price which is always an indication of quality assurance. The users are not required to spend much for the best results, but sticking the good price and undertaking efficient research makes sure of the quality now and also for the future. 

The users should also consider the factor of warranty support for future protection. An Australian based warranty support is very vital and guarantees the user of the protection of their investment for years to come.

8. Is 10kW solar photovoltaic panels right for the energy requirements of my house in Perth, WA? 

The 10kw solar photovoltaic panels capacity is mostly suitable for the large size of the residential installations, mostly where the usage of 3 kWh to 5 kWh is very common. The 10kW solar array is most appropriate for houses with sufficient amounts of daytime electricity consumption or business which utilizes about 40 kWh of power usage. They can be regarded as a good choice for houses who consume low electricity or want to go off-grid. If the user uses nearly 20 kWh of energy every day along with the use of a large pool, reverse cycle air conditioning and has $800 or more as electricity budget then the use of a 10kW solar system is a perfect solution for the energy needs. The power of the solar system basically depends on two major factors like orientation and angle and the geographic location of the solar panel array. Make sure that the installation experts’ potion your solar system in an accurate location to achieve the best possible results.  


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