3kW Solar PV Power/ Panel Systems in Perth, WA| Installation, Price

Solar energy is a natural source for producing electricity. The installation of solar panels saves money. Hence many people in Australia are opting to switch to 3kW Solar power system. Besides, grid electricity is costly in Perth. And the prices will increase in the future too. So, selecting the other option like generating your electricity will be better. Also, the solar power installation cost is affordable for people in Australia. 

A power system can offset the electricity in high amount depending on various factors. The size of the system and the electricity consumption amount will be responsible for the average electricity generation rate of the power system at home. 3Kw Solar system is suitable for the average Aussie family. 

3kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation & Repair In Perth, WA

A single solar power system consists of multiple Photovoltaic panels (Modules). The panels are fitted in a particular angle to get the maximum sunlight on it. Then this energy is converted to electricity. The 3Kw solar power system can support the total connected load of more than 10 kWh. However, the output depends on kWh per day. Most of the locations receive more sunshine at the time of summer as well as less sunlight in winter. The average production of electric energy by the 3Kw power system for various cities is given below.  Average indicative 3kW solar system energy yields for Australian capital cities  

Average indicative 3kW solar system energy yields for Australian capital cities
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth
10.9kWh 11.6kWh 10kWh 12.8kWh
Adelaide Hobart Darwin Canberra
11.6kWh 9.2kWh 14.2kWh 11.5kWh

3kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Price In Perth, WA

Out of all the cities, Darwin and Perth are the top two cities to generate the highest electricity through solar systems. Perth is ideal for this solar system so that you will find solar systems at almost every house in the region. This 3Kw Solar system for home can generate about 13.2units maximum in a day. If the house consumes average power, then it is suitable otherwise big systems might be more appropriate. 

  No. of Panels 9-12
  Total Cost  $2900-$5600 (approx.)
  Power Generated  Around 11-14 units per day
  Savings Between $120-$180 per bill cycle (approx.)
  Payback Period 3years
  Suited to   Small working families with electricity budget of $220 or more per cycle

Benefits Of 3KW Solar PV Panels/ Power Systems In Perth, Western Australia?

The duration of power outages is increasing in Australia. People face many challenges during power cuts. If you use solar power, then you have the freedom to control your house’s electricity. Also, a 3kw solar system off-grid is giving better results by storing DC in the batteries. It provides power all the time and restores the energy when it comes in contact with sunlight. Apart from Off-grid, you will have the choices of On-Grid and Hybrid systems. 

Here are some of the advantages of using this system at your home.

  • Reduces Electricity Bills
  • Affordable and suitable for small working families with the power consumption of average 11-14 units per day.
  • It works as an ATM that regular pay you
  • Environment-friendly
  • Protection from the Electricity price rise

The 3Kw solar panel is available in different sizes. So the number of panels required for this system may differ. Also, your rooftop area will be considered before deciding the number of panels. It means you do not need to worry about the area for the 3Kw solar panel.

This solar panel is better than 1.5kw panels, which are smaller in size. Also, 3kw solar panel area is not so big. It means you can get them installed easily on your rooftop.

 Appliance daytime consumption

It is necessary to know about the appliances which can run on a 3Kw solar power system. Also, the power consumed by these appliances is given below.

Fridge  – 1.5kWh/day

Washing machine    – 2kWh/day

Swimming pool pump   – 3kWh-4kWh/day

Lighting   – 0.5kWh/day

TV, radio, computers, phone, ceiling fans   – around 1.5kWh/day

Toaster, kettle – breakfast/lunch cooking   – 0.5kWh/day

Estimated total daytime consumption   – 17.5kWh


Recommended Load for 3kw Solar Power Generation

 Every solar system is designed to support the limited load. If you are using a 3kw solar system, then you must use the appliances recommended.


1) For Off-grid


Recommended Load Load Back-up Time
* 8 LED Lights + 2 Fan + 1 ton inverter AC+ Fridge 2000 watt 4 Hours
* 8 LED Lights + 4 Fan + 1 Cooler+ Fridge+ 1 TV 1500 watt 6 Hours
* 8 LEDs + 4 Fan + 1 TV+ Washing Machine 800 watt 12 Hours

2) For Hybrid

Recommended Load Load Back-up Time
* 8 LED Lights + 2 Fan + 1 ton inverter AC+ Fridge 2000 watt 3 Hours
* 8 LED Lights + 4 Fan + 1 Cooler+ Fridge+ 1 TV 1500 watt 5 Hours
* 8 LEDs + 4 Fan + 1 TV+ Washing Machine 800 watt 10 Hours


Choose Best 3kW Solar System Provider Company In Perth, Australia

3Kw solar system is popular among the Aussies. If you want to install this system, then you can contact the best solar system, installers in Perth. There are many solar panel providers in this region. So before selecting anyone, you should compare the 3kw solar system price and the services. Also, the reviews of older customers matter a lot. You can check the revisions on the internet. Make sure that you are selecting a high-quality system and panels. As it is the long term investment, so the $300-$500 difference is sufficient.

3kw Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 3kW solar energy system cost In Perth, WA?

The 3Kw solar energy system price is about $2900-$5600. The location of your home and the quality of the panels will have an impact on the cost. If you are installing world-class PV solar panels, then the price may increase. But these panels will come with many benefits for you.

2. What are the Dimensions of the 3kW solar panel in Perth, WA?

3kw solar panel size is 1.6m x 1 m, and it takes about 20m2 area of the rooftop for installation. A total of 9-12 panels will be installed in the complete system. Solar panel size for 3kw is similar to other panels. So, the number of panels is used in systems to generate high power.

3. What is the capacity of a 3kW solar panel in Perth, WA?

3kw solar panel capacity is more senior than a 1.5kw system. It is suitable for a small working house with 2-3 people. It can generate up to 14 units in a day. However, other factors may affect power production. 

4. Is 3kW Solar Panel Better Than 5kW Solar Panel?

5Kw system is better than a 3kw system due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is that 5Kw is a better investment as it saves more on the electricity bill. However, ROI for both systems is similar. But the capital cost is higher, and it means a 3kw solar panel kit is cheaper than 5 Kw system. When we look at overall savings, then 5Kw comes as a king over 3kw solar panel.

5. What would be My Average Monthly Savings by Using a 3kW Solar Module In Perth, WA?

 The monthly saving depends on the energy consumed as well as other factors. Size and angle of the roof, direct hours of daily sunlight, and the local electricity rates have a significant impact on how much 3 Kw solar module will save. However, the average savings per bill cycle is about $120-$180.

7. What is the installation cost of the 3kW Solar  Array in Perth, Western Australia?

The installation cost of a 3kw solar array is $2900-$5600. This cost will depend on various factors. However, the installers have different prices for their services. So, you can contact your solar system company or installer for the exact prices.

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