2 kW Solar Panel Installation in Perth, WA| Price & Specifications

The solar panel system is an excellent investment that not only saves your money but also makes your home environment-friendly. Solar panel systems are available in different sizes, and selecting the one out of it is a bit confusing if you are new to renewable energy. An average to the large family requires a large-sized solar panel system while others can go with small size.

A small family with low energy consumption requirement can install 2kW – 5kW solar system.

2kW solar system was once a popular choice of the house with 1-3 occupancy in Perth, WA. Now, it is used widely as an add-on to the existing big size solar panel systems. This system requires less roof space in comparison with others and produces electricity efficiently. Hence it is suitable for houses and families with an electricity budget of $150 per cycle.

2 KW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Price in Perth WA

Interested in Installing a 2 KW solar system? Want to know the 2kW solar system price in Perth? If so, then you must understand that the costs of solar panels vary depending on different factors. If you are interested in installing the highly efficient panels of the top manufacturer, then you will surely need to pay a high amount. Also, the architectural condition of the house will be a deciding factor for overall pricing. The installers may require extra frames and other equipment to install the panels correctly on the rooftop for better power production.

The 2kW solar system price in Perth ranges from $2100-$5700. The price is inclusive of GST and Federal Government Incentives. However, a professional installer will tell you about the exact pricing of the 2kW solar system for the home.

 2 KW Solar Panel Systems Specifications & Installation in Perth WA

Every solar power system consists of panels with different power ranges from 250 watt – 350 watt. The power of groups is responsible for determining the number of panels to be used in the system. A 2kW solar system off-grid and on the grid requires the same amount of panels. To understand more about the solar system, read out the information given below.

Particulars  Description
  Solar Power Plant 2kW
  No. of Solar panels  6-9
  Solar Panel size 250-335 Watt
  Space required 13-14m2
  Output 10.5kWh-16.7kWh per day
  Solar battery 4
  Connector 2

The installation of this system must be done by professionals. The professional will check the direction of the panels, connect the products correctly, and also will take necessary measures which will enhance the production of the system. Also, a professionally installed system is at a low risk of damage and short circuits.

Energy Produced By 2 KW Solar Power System

According to the PVWatts Survey, The average energy produced by a 2kW solar system with 85% efficient solar panels is about 11.7kWh per day in Perth. In summers, the solar panels receive sunlight for maximum hours and hence produce the electricity up to 16.7kWh in a single day. But in winters, the power production rate decrease to 10.5kWh. Also, a north-facing house and system are highly solar energy efficient. So the overall energy production figures depend on the geographical condition of the home, weather, and Solar panels efficiency.

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2 kW solar Systems/ Panels FAQ: 

  1. How much does a 2kw solar panel cost?

The cost of the 2kW Solar Panel depends on the efficiency of the panels and the manufacturing company. Higher the efficiency higher will be the price. However, the average price of a 2kW solar panel is about $1.32 per watt in Australia.

  1. What is the Dimension of the 2kw solar panel?

2kW solar panel size is the combination of all panels and requires the roof space of 13-14m2. The single solar panel size of 2kW is about 1.6x1m.

  1. What is the capacity of a 2kw solar power system?

The 2kW solar panel capacity is 2000 watt. The highly efficient solar panels with 85% efficiency can produce up to 17kW (approx.) per day. Also, the batteries and inverters attached in the system can hold the energy based on their capacity.

  1. How Many kWh Does a 2kw Solar Panel Produce?

A 2kW solar panel system can produce a maximum of 17kWh (approx.) and a minimum of 5.1kWh in Australia. The exact power production amount depends on the system positioning, weather, and efficiency of solar panels.

  1. How many sunlight hours does my area require to produce energy from a 2kW solar power system?

The suitable sun hours required for a solar system to produce electricity is about 4-6 hours. The peak sunlight hours in a day ranges from 10AM-4PM. However, the sunlight must fall on the 2kw solar panel area without any obstacle for generating maximum energy.

  1. Can I connect my existing solar batteries and inverters to the 2kW solar power system?

You are allowed to connect the existing inverters only if the total solar panel array power does not exceed up to 133% of the inverter’s peak power. For example, if you have a 5kW power inverter, then you can have 6.65 kW solar panels attached to it. If adding the 2kW solar panels does not exceed the limit, then connect it.

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