5 Important Things About Solar Batteries In Perth WA

5 Important things about solar batteries in Perth WA: Always remember that if you are investing in solar panels or solar power batteries in Perth WA, then these will be your long-term investment and can work as a renewable asset for you. So make sure you are getting the panels and batteries from the best solar company that has a good reputation in the solar market.

The brilliant news is that there are several solar companies in Australia that provide the best solar options for you. This is one of the main reasons most Australian people have already switched to solar and are producing their own solar power.

But since it is also an electrical system so you need to be careful about the warranty period so as if any glitches arise, you get the proper assessment regarding the problem that too cost-free.

1. Understand your product elements & performance warranties

Different solar brands offer different solar plans so they might provide solar panels covering separate products and performance warranties. Some manufactures provide by bundling them all together.

The warranty covers all your defects if any in the products and for workmanship as well. Australian solar companies generally provide a standard warranty for 10 years but some companies may have as high as 25 years. 

The performance warranty covers the expected performance of the solar system over a while. This often includes the system’s efficiency and performance level. The warranty for the performance usually comes for about 25 years. 

Now, talking about the battery, there is generally a single warranty for both products and performance elements. The warranty states that the manufacturers take the guarantee that the product which they provide will remain defect-free for several years depending on the battery charging functions. Most of the batteries have a guaranteed period of around 10 years to perform. And till the end of the specified number of battery cycle periods, you get a battery cycle for about 4000 to 8000 cycles. 

The other important thing is the inverter. Inverters generally have a warranty period of 5 years and that too applies to the parts of the inverter only.

  1. Quality installation is a key factor

Solar panels and batteries are manufactured with the newest technology and have the most advanced functionality now. So, if you choose an inverter having good quality and warranty, there will be less chance for faults in the inverter as long as it is installed correctly.

Many of the manufacturers have their list of installation equipment and requirements that are a must for the product and their performance warranty. In Australia, the product which is going to be installed must be accredited with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and the installer must have specific knowledge and proper installation training. The installer will also provide you with a minimum warranty of 12 months and up to 5 years for their workmanship.

3. When adding a battery, consider your existing solar warranties 

When you add a battery to your existing solar system, you get two main installation options: one is an AC-coupled installation and the other one is the DC-coupled installation. In AC-coupled installation, batteries, as well as the hybrid inverter, are installed along with the existing solar system whereas, in DC-coupled installation, the solar panels directly feed your battery.  

There are several pros and cons in each case but the big thing is that, since the DC-coupled installation ‘disrupts’ your current solar system, it will affect your existing solar warranty. You need to update your solar system with the latest electrical codes at every interval so as the installer could take the warranty obligations whenever required. Since the installer takes this risk, they quote this factor in their cost structure and to the end bill which they provide to you. 

4. Look for products with remote assistance

If you have any issue in the future regarding solar panels or the battery, then it will be considered as a disconnected cable or it can also be considered as a severe product fault. 

So using remote assistance to your problems can identify the issue briefly and can save your money and time as well. This will also get your system to work quicker than if you call out someone to look in person. 

5. Choose a quality brand with a local recognition

As far as the warranties are communicated to you during the sales process, the Australian consumer law has its protections. 

In addition to the warranties communicated to you in the sales process, Australian Consumer Law provides its protection. However, knowing who can get difficult if the business you purchased your solar panels or solar batteries through is no longer around. 

You can always reach out to the manufacturer directly without any consultant for executing your warranty claim. The process is very simple and the manufacturer has its own Australian office having local laws and regulations. 

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We are aware that solar investing can be a big decision for the customer as they will be investing in an asset but we make sure that it should not be a complex process for them. Our solar battery packages have flexible installation options along with great warranties by the Australian leading manufacturers.

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