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Solar panels generate electricity by allowing sunlight into solar cells. Energy production depends on the amount of sunlight hitting the panels. However, the upward angle of Panels is prone to the build-up of dust, grime, and environmental pollutants. It blocks the light from hitting the panels. So the optimum performance of the solar panels gets affected. It produces less volume of energy than the energy figures claimed by manufacturers. Cleaning your solar panels will boost the power production levels. That is why Solar panel Cleaning is a vital element to maintain and secure your investment. 

 In Australia, Cleaning solar panels is an ordinary affair. Most of the companies offer the service as part of their annual maintenance program. However, there is no timeframe fixed for this procedure as your array may require frequent cleaning sessions based on geographical locations. If your panels are looking dirty, then it is time to clean it off with the help of a professional.

Solar Panel Washing/ Cleaning Companies in Perth, WA

Solar panels are installed in an open area, so it has a high risk of getting dirty. Dust, leaves, and bird poops are the main reasons for stained solar panels. However, a bit of dust might not affect solar panel performance. It is washed out by rainfall. But bird dropping is more harmful to the panels because rain might not wash it off. Also, if you have trees near your house, then the leaves may attract the birds. Thus, results in more bird pooping on your Solar panels. Moreover, the houses near traffic, construction zones, or under airport approaches have a high risk of getting solar panels dirty.

The angle of your panels is also responsible for the grime. Water can pool up on the flat panels and leave the residue on it while the angled panels have the benefit of running rainwater, which keeps them clean to some extent. But Cleaning Solar Panels with expert assistance is mandatory even after light or misty rainfall.

How To Clean Residential Solar PV Panels?

If you have decided to clean Solar panels, then there are two ways to do it. Either do it yourself or hire professionals for washing Solar panels.

 If you select to do this task by yourself, then you will save money. But there are fair chances of scratching or damaging the solar panels. So, proper precautions must be taken during the washing. A small mistake can harm your solar panels.

The experts perform this task very professionally. They do not leave behind any of the debris or grime on or in-between the panels. They take all the precautions while cleaning. Also, the maintenance cost is inexpensive.  

You are recommended to inspect and clean your solar panels by an expert. You can easily find Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Australia at an affordable price.

Why Choose Us For Professional Solar System Cleaning Services in Perth, WA?

Solar panel cleaning keeps the warranty into consideration. So it must be done flawlessly. Also, health and safety are essential aspects to be considered while cleaning Solar panels. The professional cleaners know very well how to clean solar panels safely and effectively. They are trained to do their job. Here are some of the benefits of hiring professionals for cleaning solar system.

  • Inspection: Beyond just cleaning, the professional checks the health and functionality of the panels. They inspect cracks, hotspots, fire safety issues, or nests. Also, these hurdles can drop the performance of your Solar system. The professional cleaner removes all the debris from the panels and fixes the problems.
  • Safety: As stated above, Safety is the first concern of cleaning panels. Nobody should go to the rooftop without safety equipment. There is a high risk of falling on the ground while cleaning the panels. The professionals have all the gears and training to clean the panels safely. Either they use the systems to clean the panels from the ground, or they have safety guards to protect themselves from any harm.
  • Technique & Equipment: They have equipment specially designed for cleaning solar panels. Soft brushes are used to clean the soil on panels. These brushes prevent scratches and microfractures. A water softener is used to condition the water and minimize mineral deposits. Spray slows down the water pressure and protects the panels from the crack.

Solar Panel Cleaning/ Washing  FAQ’s 

1. How Do I Clean the Spots on my Solar PV Module?

You can clean the spots by using a soft brush and purified water. Clean the solar module’s surface with cloth or sponge. Also, Avoid any chemical or abrasive cleaning during the process. Do not put weight on the panels as it may break and keep the pressure of water low while cleaning the solar panels.

2. How Often Should I Clean My Solar PV System?

The solar experts have recommended cleaning the solar panels every six months. However, the duration depends on the geographical location and circumstances. If you have experienced strong winds or sand storms, then you should clean the solar panels immediately. The frequent cleaning of solar panels prevents building up dust, fire risks, and cracks. It enhances the working efficiency of solar panels.

3. What is the Best Solar Panel Cleaning Brand in Perth, WA?

If you are looking for Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Perth, WA, then Solar Panel Cost Price is the best option. It has a management team of experts having the experience to inspect and access your solar system. They provide cleaning services approved by manufacturers and eliminate warranty violations. In this way, Solar Panel Cost Price is the best Solar Panel Cleaning brand with professional services in Perth.

4. Can I Pressure Clean My Rooftop Solar Panels?

No, High-pressure cleaning of solar panels is strictly prohibited. The most effective way of cleaning the panels is using non-adhesive sponge and bucket of water. The solar panels must be washed off, in the same manner, you wash your car. Keep this in mind, high pressure on solar panels can damage themselves.

5. What is the average Solar Panel Cleaning Price in Western Australia?

The price of solar panel cleaning depends on the installation size and access. However, the Solar Panel Cleaning Cost in Australia ranges from $10/panel to $25/panel. The cost may vary depending on various factors. The total average price for a 2KW solar system with ten panels will cost you $100-$250. The 3KW solar system with 20 panels cleaning costs will be $200-$500. The whole Solar Panel Cleaning Price List is available on the company’s website.

6. Can I Wash My Solar Panels on Hot Days?

The panels become extremely hot during sunshine. The water you are using will evaporates quickly and leaves the dirt on the surface. In the evening or morning, the grime get soften due to dew so that you will require less energy and water at that moment. So you are recommended to clean the solar panels in the morning/evening, or you can select the cold day.  

7. How Much Output Can Increase After Solar Panel Cleaning?

We have monitored the increase in the efficiency of solar panels after the cleaning session. It is to be concluded that the debris and dust decrease the ability of the solar panels to 20% in Perth. Solar Panel Cleaning in Perth will increase the efficiency to about 15-20 % if cleaned and maintained correctly. It is also observed that the commercial sites have seen increases in output of about 30-50% depending on the factors.

8. How to Attach Solar Cleaning Systems to My Solar Panel?

Solar cleaning systems are automatic systems washes the solar panel surface using Low-pressure nozzle. It needed to be installed professionally with the solar panels. But homeowners or operators should pay attention to its maintenance. Contact the solar panel cleaners or manufacturers to install the Solar Panel system.

9. What is Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment Used for Residential Solar Cleaning?

Solar panel cleaning equipment consists of Water purification equipment, Brushes, and poles, Water pumps, and ladders. If you want to clean the solar panels by yourself, then you will need these tools. However, solar panel cleaning companies use other equipment and methods to clean the solar panels.


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