Solar Power – Facts About SOLIS Inverter

Solis inverter is a subsidiary company of Ginlong Company that provides a range of inverter products with superior quality and have the maximum reliability.  They are considered among the few inverter brands that have marked their place during the time when the demand for solar energy systems was at its peak level and people were impressed by its marketing strategy. Solis provides the best efficient products that are built with advanced technology and innovative ideas and that is the reason behind its massive success. 

To provide you with a brief knowledge of Solis inverters, let’s focus on some of the points that prove that Solis inverters are among the best solar inverter brands in the world. 

So comparing it with some other brands of inverters, the best thing about Solis inverters is that they provide maximum efficiency of about 98% and that also with the most affordable price ranges. It has a variety of ranges depending on the customer requirements for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Why Solis inverters are considered among the best solar inverters in Australia?  

Basically, there are several reasons behind it, let’s give a look at some of them below. 

  • These can produce maximum efficiency power between 1kW to 60kW
  • As they provide you with a wide range of inverter models, they have better efficiency levels from 97.5% to 98.3%.
  • To make it easier for you to use, they offer a user-friendly monitoring app along so that you can get the actual real-time readings
  • Since they often come with IP65 ratings that make them very much suitable enough for bad weather
  • They are very compact in size and very light in weight so they can be easily installed. 

Some Of The Distinctive Features of Solis Inverters

Let us talk now about some of the features of Solis inverters that make them different from the rest present in the market. 

  • Durable: The very first point to be noted is its durability. Solis inverters go through several testing procedures while the production process. So this helps in eliminating the chance of faults and defects that may cause problems in future for the equipment.  They offer premium products that have a long-running period warranty. 
  • Performance: Talking about the performance level of Solis inverters, they are compatible enough for all the weather changing temperatures because they are designed in such a way to operate efficiently. It does not matter where you live, these inverters will work efficiently whether they are three-phase or a single phase. 
  • Flexible Warranty: It provides the best warranty period of five years for its product which is very much important as it adds value to the inverter. Also, if you want to extend the warranty period of your inverter, you can extend it according to your requirements. Always make sure to check the warranty period provided by the inverter company a the time of purchase as it may change with time. 

There are also some other features that make it the best solar inverters and those are its smart and compact design, wi-fi compatibility, after-sales support services.  

What specifications do they offer?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the inverter models provided by Solis with their distinctive specifications:



  • Single-phase inverter along with multiple modes of working 
  • Maximum efficiency ranges up to 97.8%
  • Provides IP65 rating with corrosion resistance technology
  • Have Dual MPPT design
  • Ultra-low harmonic with THDi rate greater than 1.5%
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is showed through a real-time monitoring app
  • Power control system with DRM function technique



  • Official warranty of 5 years that can be extended to 20 years
  • 4G three-phase inverter
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.7%
  • Dual MPPT functionality with a voltage range between 160V-850V
  • Low harmonic distortion against grid with THDi less than 1.5%
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with a real-time monitoring app

Solis RHI-5K-48ES


  • Advanced prototypic hybrid PV inverter
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.5%
  • Dual MPPT in 3K, 3.6K and 5K versions
  • Integrated BMS system for monitoring
  • Integrated EMS system

Solis inverters provide a range of inverter options with different price tags. Some of them might be expensive, but they will totally worth it and will save your money over time. You choose from a variety of options depending on your requirements and budget. 

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