5kW Solar Panel Systems in Perth, WA| Price, Size and Installation

Solar panel systems have become an essential source of electricity in Australia. One of the most popular sizes of these systems installed in Perth is the 5kW Solar system. If you want to know about 5kW solar system price, installation, area, and output, then read this article. Also, you will get the answers to some of the common queries in the FAQ section. For more details, you can contact our team.

5kW Solar Power Systems Overview

A 5kW solar panel system is considered an ideal system for the average family in Australia. It delivers excellent value for money and generates more electricity than small-sized systems. Also, a 5kW solar system in Perth WA has an average payback period of 2.4-4 years, which is better in comparison with other sizes of the system. Also, this system requires 15-17 panels, which can be fixed on an average-sized rooftop easily.

Perth has a large number of medium to large families, which require up to 22 units of electricity in a day. A 5kW solar system can easily fulfill their need and save the money up to $350 per electricity bill cycle. So the installation of this system at your home will be a good step towards saving money and the environment.

Earlier, a 2kW solar system was a popular option among Australians. But the change in the incentives given by the government for a 5kW solar system attracted the consumers.

 5kW Solar Panel Systems Price In Perth, WA

Australia is the country with the lowest solar system prices in the world. According to our survey, the average 5kW solar panel cost is $1.04/ watt. The lowest 5kW solar panel price in Perth is $1.07/watt, while it can hike up to $1.40/watt if high-quality panels are installed.

The cost of a solar panel system depends on the quality of solar panels,  number of panels, and other products used. Based on these factors, a 5kW solar system price in Perth is $2050-$7000.

Area Required for 5kW Solar Power Systems Installation in Perth

If you are interested in purchasing and installing a 5kW solar system for home, then you must know about the essential requirement of the installation. Every system requires a limited area for installing and connecting the solar system components. For the 5kW solar system off-grid and on-grid, rooftop space of 25-35m2 is needed. If your house has a sufficient amount of space, then the system will be installed without many efforts.

But if your rooftop doesn’t fulfill this requirement, then do not worry; our team will give you the best solution for this situation.

 Choose Best 5kW Solar System Provider Company in Perth, Australia

Several companies are providing solar system installation services in Australia. You will have a question in your mind, why choose us? Well, we are providing solar system installation and repair services for a long time in Western Australia. Our experienced team comes with excellent solutions. The professional installers are trained to work flawlessly with the latest equipment in the least possible time. We have a range of solar panels, inverters, batteries and kits of 5kW Solar panel installation in Perth. Contact us now and let us assist you in selecting the right solar panel system.

 5kW Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

  1. How much does it cost to install a 5kW solar power system?

The average 5kW solar system cost varies from region to region. In Perth, the system can be installed in $2050-$7000. The solar system installation provider will give you the exact price based on the quality of the panels and other components used.

  1. What are the Dimensions of the 5kw solar panel?

A solar panel comes with a dimension of 1.6x1m. The system requires 15-18 solar panels as its component. So the required area for 5kW solar panel will be 25-35 m2.

  1. What is the capacity of a 5kw solar power system?

The total capacity of the 5kW solar system is 5000kW. The 5kW solar panel capacity depends on the efficiency of the solar panels. It can generate an average of 22 units per day. The solar batteries and inverters with different capacities are used to store the unconsumed power generated by the system.

  1. How much kWh is a 5kW solar power system able to produce in a day?

A 5kW solar power system can produce around 190-230 kWh per day in Australia. In summers, the panes receive maximum sunlight and produce more power. But due to less sunlight during winter days, the system generates the less energy. However, the position of panels, location, and quality are the main factors responsible for the output of the system.

  1. How Much Savings Can You Expect From a 5kw Solar Panel?

5kW solar panel system is one of the most efficient systems in Perth. If you consume 30% of the power generated by the system, then you can save up to $1107 annually. On the other hand, consuming half of the energy will increase your savings to 1460 per year. It means more energy you consume during the day hours, more you save.

  1. How many panels is a 5kW solar panel system made up of?

A 5kW solar panel system is generally made up of 15-20 panels. The number of panels depends on the size of the panels used. If you are using the panels of 275 Watt, then you will require 18 Panels. But 15 panels are sufficient panels of 327 watts to be installed. Also, the size of the rooftop is an essential factor in determining the number of panels.


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