4kW Solar PV Power/ Panel System in Perth, WA| Installation, Price

4kW solar panel system in Perth, WA

Solar is the perfect choice for your energy needs. Solar photovoltaic systems are a good long-term investment. The market and technology are developing rapidly. Rates for offers, discounts, and bait vary from country to country and may change at any time. Several options must be considered. Find out if the system can be improved by improving technology and adding batteries or more panels over time. To ensure you maximize your investment, it is important to choose the right system for your budget, lifestyle, and location. Slightly more expensive than other solar systems, the 4kW solar system is still a viable option for small working-class families.

This solar system is less popular than the 3 kW and 5 kW solar systems and is produced in smaller quantities and is, therefore, more expensive. High-quality solar system off-grid like the ones we sell are always provided with Australian warranty and support. Choose us, we are the trusted 4kW Solar System Provider Company in Perth, Australia.

4kW Solar PV Systems Price in Perth, WA


Overview Of 4kW Solar Panel
Average cost $3500 and $7,000 (approx.)
Total panels 13
Power generated 18 units/day
Saving $270 per electricity bill cycle (approx.)


Benefits Of Off-grid Solar  Systems in Perth, Western Australia

1. Generate free electricity

The big advantage of solar panels is that they produce free electricity. Sunlight is free, so the electricity you produce is also free. The more solar panels you have, the freer electricity you can produce. So, if you want to produce as much free power as possible, you have to install a solar system.

2. Less maintenance

The solar energy system requires almost no maintenance after installation.

3. Reducing CO2 emissions

Another advantage of solar modules is that they can reduce your carbon footprint. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere during the production of most electricity networks. However, solar energy production does not do this by using solar energy instead of electricity from the grid, you will reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Very Safe

Solar energy is a very safe way to produce energy. They have no associated risks: carrying nuclear, oil, gas and coal power plants.

5. Lower your electricity bill

By generating energy through solar panels, you can also reduce your electricity bill. This is because you are using the free solar power that you produce, not the electricity purchased from your electricity supplier. The development of the solar system reduces power consumption and reduces energy costs.

6. Solar power storage

Solar energy is a technology that mainly increases solar energy storage. Technology and demand reduce the cost of installing solar modules and batteries.

Because a 4kW system produces more power than a 1kW, 2kW, and 3kW system, you can get more with this system. 4kW solar panel kit benefits all your basic household or business needs.

4kW Solar Panel Installation For House in Perth, WA

Checklist for solar energy

1. Power consumption and energy costs

The size of your system usually depends on your energy consumption. What do you currently pay for electricity (in kWh or every year)? Consider your energy needs for your household or business processes. You should consider the percentage of the savings on electricity bills with the right solar power systems.

2. Location

Solar panels are best for large, shaded spaces such as sloping or flat roofs. The floor system works best if you have a large open field area. You must consider the solar installation time about the possibility of roof replacement

3. Building ownership

Do you own or rent a building? Who pays for electricity? Do individual builders or tenants pay directly for electricity? Who controls access to the roof?

4.Budget and financing

Understand your budget and How much you are willing to invest in your energy future? What financing options are there? Between federal and state tax incentives, you can often cover up to 65% of the cost of installing commercial diesel and finance the remainder at very attractive interest rates. The return on investment for solar projects is usually around 15%.

5. Excessive energy expenditure

Most solar power companies ultimately produce more electricity than they need. One reason for attractive solar results is the ability to sell excess electricity back to your local utility.

6. Choosing the right partner for solar energy

Installing a solar power system for your business is not easy. However, working with the right partner can minimize complexity and help you make one of the smartest investments you can make, now and in the future.

4kW Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 4kw solar panel cost in Perth, WA? 

A good quality 4kW solar panel price lies between $ 3,500 and $ 7,000. And like all solar systems, price is a good indicator of quality. So, if you stay at this price range, you tend to get price/quality. In addition to price, you should also check if there is a guarantee.

2. What are the Dimensions of 4kW solar panel? 

The 4kW solar system has 13 solar panels. The solar panel size has a standard of 1.6 x 1 m, you need a roof space of around 30 m².

3. What is the capacity of a 4kW solar power system? 

Provided you buy a quality system, the solar system pays off for 3 to 4 years. Remember, however, that direct solar energy savings occur. Once your system is installed, you save on electricity costs. If you are a small working family with electricity costs of $ 300 or more per cycle, a solar system is a good choice.

4. What is the daily average power generated by a 4kW solar energy system in Perth, WA? 

High quality 4kW solar energy system produces 18 units per day. However, the amount of power produced depends on where you live and how your system is positioned. Places that receive more sunlight offer greater benefits and yields in summer than in winter. To maximize your location, your system must be positioned to absorb as much direct sunlight as possible. Shadows should be minimized if possible.

Experienced solar panel installers know where and how to position your solar system for optimal results. With their help, your system absorbs as much sunlight as possible, giving you amazing results.

5. How Much Savings Can You Expect From a 4kw Solar Array in Perth, Western Australia? 

With a 4kW solar array, you can save up to $ 250 per cycle on your utility bill. However, actual savings typically range between $ 150 to $ 220 per cycle. How much you get back from your solar system depends on your registration level and the quality of your system. High-quality systems produce more power and maximize your financial benefits. That’s why it pays to buy high-quality panels and inverters that you can afford – believe us, it will pay off in the long run. When you use more solar energy when the sun is shining (and less when the sun is not shining), you get more for your money.

6. How much area does a 4kW Rooftop solar photovoltaic system take in Perth, WA?

The 4kW solar photovoltaic system area needs a roof space of around 30 m².

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