20kW Commercial Solar PV System| Installation & Price in Perth, WA

20kW solar panel system in Perth, WA

We all know that solar PV systems are the ideal choice to save money and natural resources. It’s a highly advanced system that can generate electricity, required for residential as well as commercial units. Among small and medium-sized businesses, the 20kW commercial solar panel systems are quite popular as they are ideal for businesses with low to medium energy usage. This article provides an overview of the price and installation of 20kW commercial solar panel in Australia.

20Kw Commercial Solar Panel System Installation and Repair Services in Perth, WA

A 20kW Solar Power System is an ideal choice for businesses where power usage is high. As per the experts, the 20kW solar systems in Perth are designed to produce around 30,660kWhs each year. It is important to consider that electricity production is calculated according to the sunny days only, as we all know that solar systems don’t work on cloudy or rainy days. These solar systems are quite advanced and space they take for installation depends upon the type of panels that you use. There are different kinds of solar panels available these days. On an average, a 20kW system using 250W panels will require about 34.0 square meters of the roof to be installed. 

 20kW Solar PV System Cost in Perth, WA

A 20kW solar power system is ideally a worthwhile investment for small to medium businesses, and the credit goes to the regularized prices by the government in Australia. In the recent past, the cost of 20kW commercial solar panel systems has fallen significantly. The government is working towards reducing the 20kW commercial power system cost in order to make it available to every business owner to save the natural resources.

One of the most significant reasons behind the reduced 20kW commercial solar panel prices is the massive increase in solar panel manufacturing in China. They are available at a cheaper cost than the ones made locally. The competition is high, which has resulted in pulling down the market price of solar PV systems by around 45% per year.  As per the data available, a fully installed 20kW system will cost roughly $20,000 – $25,000. This is the cost calculated as of May 2019.

The final cost for installation of 20kW commercial solar panel in Australia can get affected due to various factors. For example, many businesses want to upgrade their systems to high-efficiency panels and use the latest inverter and monitoring technology. The decision to purchase a 20kW commercial solar power system should be made smartly, with the consultation of an expert who knows about these systems.

20kW Solar PV System: FAQ’s

1. How Much Cost Can a 20kW Solar Module system Save For My Business in Perth, WA?

The amount of money that you can save from a 20kW solar power system depends upon the electricity it can produce for your business and your electricity requirements. For example, if your electricity requirement is more than what the solar module system is producing, then the savings will be less. In this scenario, it is suggested to go with a bigger size of a solar module system. As per the experts, operating at 85% utilization, a 20kW solar PV system can help you save over $8,600 annually. And if you are using less energy, the figures can go higher.

A 20kW commercial solar panel in Australia reduces the electricity bill for commercial hubs by feeding solar power directly into the main phase of power supply, resulting in saving energy. So, if you are saving over $8,000 annually and the purchasing cost of the 20kW commercial solar panel is $25,000, then it will be totally free for you in almost 3 or 4 years.

The huge savings on electricity bills for businesses make it an attractive investment choice, especially when you are living in Perth where the electricity charges are higher than other states of Australia.

2. Can 20kW Solar Array Go Off-Grid?

Well, that depends on many factors. Although almost all of the 20kW solar systems are designed to go off-grid, there are many factors that play an important role in this process. For example, if you run a business with a 20kW solar system on the top. If the solar system is producing enough electricity for your daily consumption, then the power can be transferred to the batteries attached to the solar power system. 

Whether or a not you can tie with the grid, a system of this size, depends on a number of things, including:

  • Location: The place where you live or your business is, is shiny and receives more sunshine than other places, energy can be produced throughout the day.  So, the system should be placed as high as possible. 
  • Roof Orientation and Tilt: A 20kW solar system in Perth should be installed facing the North to take maximum advantage of the rays of the Sun. The panels should not face East and West as the rays from this direction produce a little less energy. In fact,  South facing rays generate the least energy. 
  • Electricity Requirements: If you consume more energy every day than what the 20kW commercial power system is producing, it will be hard for you to install a solar storage system that can make you self-sufficient.
  • Energy Requirements: Remember that if you want to go off-grid, it is important to save enough energy to get you through 3-4 days of rainy weather. Your solar panel should be large enough to charge your battery bank. 

3. Is 20 kW Solar Energy System Suitable For My Business’s Needs?

Once you decide to finally install a photovoltaic system for your commercial unit’s energy requirements, the first thing that comes to your mind is “Is 20 KW Solar Energy System Suitable for My Business’s Needs?” Whether it is enough or not, depends on various factors. Although it is always suggested to choose a system with higher electricity generation capacity, it is important to understand the following factors before you choose 20kW commercial solar power system installation.

  • Roof Space: The available space on your roof makes a huge impact on the size that you can choose for 20kW commercial solar system. On average a 20kW commercial solar panel will require at least 100-136m2 of area for installation. The wattage of the panels also matters a lot on the size required for installation.
  • Energy Consumption: The more energy your business needs, the higher size of a solar energy system you will need. For example, if your business unit requires less than 90 units every day, then using a 20kW commercial solar panel is going to be a great choice as the 20kW systems can generate 80 – 90 units per day.

4. What is the Payback Period For a 20kW Solar Module in Perth, Western Australia?

The solar payback time is the duration it takes to make back your initial investment in the 20kW solar module for your commercial requirements. Although the time taken for solar panel payback depends on various factors, the average time is taken in 5 years. As per the experts, a 20kW solar power system can produce 80 – 90 units per day, saving over $8,000 annually. With the average cost of 20kW commercial solar power system installation between $20,000 and $25,000, the average solar payback period will be between close to 5 years. However, if your electricity consumption is high and if the season is usually rainy, the time required for solar panel payback may get affected.

Following components are important to understand to calculate payback time:

  • Solar panel system cost: The overall cost of 20kW commercial solar power system includes everything like installation, maintenance and 20kW commercial solar panel repair. Everything should be calculated to check the payback period.
  • Electricity use: Your monthly electricity consumption is an indicator of both the size of the system you need and the payback time. The more electricity you consume, the shorter will be your estimated payback period.
  • Electricity generated: Although the service provider will guide you regarding the right side of the solar power system, practical factors like space on your roof and seasonal weather may impact the amount of electricity generated by the system.


With a possible average return on investment well under 5 to 8 years, using a 20kW commercial solar panel can be a great investment to save on your electricity bills and increase the annual business revenue of over $8,000. Not just using a good-quality commercial solar power system will help you save money on the electricity bills, it will also help you contribute to saving natural resources like electricity for the coming generations.

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