1.5 kW Solar PV Power/ Panel System in Perth, WA | Installation, Price

1.5kW Solar Panel System in Perth, WA

Solar Power systems have become popular in recent years. It is beneficial in many ways, including a reduction in electricity bills and fewer carbon emissions. Selecting the right solar system is necessary. If the solar system unit is too small or too big for your place, then it will be a tough decision. The appropriate roof space required power, and other things matter when you want to install the solar energy systems. In Australia, you will find these systems at almost every home. 

Government policies played a vital role in maximizing the sale of 1.5Kw solar systems in Australia. The maximum solar rebate until 2013 was given for this solar system, so Australians use these panels for their homes. 

1.5 kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation & Repair In Perth, WA

The concept of solar power came into existence at the beginning of the 20th century. But the second half phase of the century is known for the proper utilization of solar energy. Solar Power systems are developed in this period, and now millions of people are using this system for their home. 

 1.5Kw Solar Power System modules are developed for small houses. This system valued more than other Kw in terms of rebate in Australia. So people get more attracted to these systems. But now they have been overtaken by the 6Kw solar systems. But still, many people prefer the 1.5Kw systems to add to the existing solar system and increase power production. These systems can offer superiors returns over a more extensive network. 

1.5 kw Solar PV Systems Price In Perth, WA

In comparison to other cities in Australia, The output of this system is higher in Perth. That is why people install 1.5Kw solar systems for the home

Indicative 1.5kW solar system output for select Australian cities
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth
Average 5.8kWh 6.3kWh 5.7kWh 6.8kWh
Summer (Dec) 6.7kWh 8.5kWh 6.7kWh 7.9kWh
Winter (June) 4.5kWh 4.8kWh 3.7kWh 4.8kWh

  Also, the solar panel size for 1.5 Kw is suitable for fitting at the rooftop of a small house. If 2-3 people are living in a small apartment, then this system is perfect for their requirements. Moreover, the savings will increase to about $590/ year (approx). 

  No. of Panels 5-10
  Total Cost  $2000-$4000 (approx.)
  Power Generated  7 units per day
  Savings Between $100-$350 per bill cycle (approx.)
  Payback Period 3-5 years
  Suited to   Small Houses with Consumption of 3-5kW/day


  Why Choose Rooftop 1.5kW Size Solar Panels in Perth, WA Location

Electricity is one of the essential components of living in Australia. But the power cuts, expensive grid energy, and other factors are not suitable for getting the electricity with base. People are now switching to additional resources to get proper electricity at their house. The best solution for generating electricity in Perth is by using a solar power system. The Solar Power system creates electricity by using sunlight. It has many benefits which justify why you should install this system at house. 

 Off-grid 1.5kw solar panel is the perfect choice for small houses where the power consumption is less. Well, if you are consuming less than 1000 watt, then these solar panels are boon for your home. Also, the solar panel size for 1.5kw is small. There is a different kind of solar systems available for short to big houses. Many factors play to decide which solar panel will suit your needs. If we talk about 1.5Kw solar panels, then small houses will be in benefit. Also, if you install a 1.5Kw solar system Off-grid, then you will not get a rebate from the government. But the on-grid and hybrid will give you a chance to get an incentive for energy production.

Key Features of 1.5kW Solar Power System

The power system is a onetime investment which will give you results for a long time. You do not need to pay bills for solar every month. 

  • The solar panel repair is cost-efficient. 
  • The solar power installation companies give Guarantee with the purchase of 1.5kW solar panel kit
  • It provides clean energy
  • Secure investment 
  • It generates about 6Kwh power per day
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Reduce carbon emission.

So in the meantime, you are getting the electricity free of cost. This system has good power backup for small houses. 

You will find many 1.5 Kw Solar panel system providers in Perth, Australia. But you are recommended to select the best one for you. You can find them on the internet and choose a suitable installer based on reviews. 

1.5 kw Size Solar Power Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 1.5 kW solar energy system costs In Perth, WA?

The 1.5Kw solar energy system price is about $2100-$4000, depending on the region you are located in. However, the 1.5Kw solar panel price has decreased in a few years, but still, you will need to pay the hefty amount. You are recommended to select the high-quality panels to get the maximum benefit from them. The installation of the whole system is costly, but if you are adding these panels to the already existing solar system at your home, then you will save money.

 2. What are the dimensions of 1.5 kW Size Solar Panel/ Power System?

The 1.5Kw solar panel size is about 1.6m x 1m, and it required a 11m2 area for installation. There are about 5-8 panels installed in the area for 1.5Kw solar panel.


3. What is the capacity of 1.5 kW Solar PV System?

This solar power system is designed for the houses where 7 units are consumed per day. However, the production of energy may vary depending on the presence of shade or the region. 


4. What Equipments can a 1.5kW Solar System run in Perth WA location?

You can look at the table below to know the quantities of appliances 1.5 Kw solar panel can run.


S.N Appliance Name Capacity Quantity Duration
1 Fans 80 W 2 8 hour
2 LED lights 9 W 8 8 hour
3 Laptop or computer or TV 100 W 1 4 hour
4 Refrigerator 250 W 1 8 hour

 5. How much area 1.5 kW Solar Panels take on your roof?

A 1.5Kw solar panel usually takes 11m2 area of the rooftop. However, the 1.5Kw solar panel area may vary depending on the number of panels used. 


6. What is the average payback period for a 1.5 kW Solar Array In Perth, Western Australia?

The average payback period for this solar array is about 5 years approx. But the exact payback period depends on the quality of panels used. Also, the location has an impact on time. However, you will start saving on electricity bills from day one. 

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