8kW Solar Panel/ Power Systems in Perth, WA| Installation, Price

8kW solar panel system for Perth, WA


The 8kW solar panel system is affordable and great for large houses. It produces around 32 kW of energy per day and is suitable for daily energy consumption, even for small businesses. Depending on the final selection of your solar panels, it takes around 25 to 29 solar panels. There are 3 types of solar systems available in the market: on-grid, off-grid and hybrid. The 8kW solar system is available in all 3 types. 8kw solar system off-grid is ideal for all kinds of houses. For larger systems, it is important to maximize reliability, productivity, and longevity. So, if you spend a little more in advance, you can save a lot of money over the life of the system. As a rough guide, you can save up to $ 3,500 a year in energy costs with an 8kW system. For those who consume a lot of power, the 8kW solar system is the best choice. Although 5 kW is ideal for larger households, you can be assured of 8 kW.

8kW Solar Power System Installation and Repair Services in Perth, WA

A high-quality 8kW solar array costs between $ 7,500 and $ 11,200. There are cheaper systems on the market, but when it comes to solar, you always get what you pay for. Buying a system in this price range will give you the return you need and the performance you can trust. Quality manufacturers ensure the life cycle of the solar systems and offer warranty support in Australia.

 8kW Solar Panel Price and Output List in Perth, WA

Overview of  8kW Solar Panel 
Average cost $7,500 to $11,200
Total panels 27
Power generated 35 units/day
Saving $500 per electricity bill cycle


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Solar Power Systems For Home: a Buyer’s Checklist

The photovoltaic system is not new to the people of Australia and is now used throughout Australia. 

1. Read the terms and conditions

It is important to know about your transaction. Read the terms carefully and sign only if you want to comply.

2. Ask the right questions

When you ask questions, you will learn how to maintain your system, improve it, and more. What is their company profile? What did former customers say in their reviews about the company? As you learn more about the company, you can build better and more trusted relationships with your favourite installer. Learn more about the solar company that you choose. 

3. Various payment options

There are many payment options that you can consider, such as: For example, personal loans, advances, single financing or mortgages.

4. Make sure your offer includes brands of solar modules and inverters

Each brand has a specific product warranty. Find out about the panels and PV inverters that you choose and see how effectively they produce the best renewable energy for your home and business.

5. Find out about installing your system in the company timeline

Timely delivery is important. Make sure you ask the solar installation company that you choose about the estimated turnaround time for your system.

6. Which customer service representative keeps you connected with your investment? 

Constant communication is important during the installation process because you might encounter difficulties while installing. To find the best and fastest solution, a contact number must be provided for the person who takes care of your request.

7. Which third parties will work with you on the photovoltaic system?

Do you deal with energy traders? Solar suppliers? It is important to know who you are dealing with so you can prepare everything you need to complete your system.


8kw Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does an 8kW solar panel cost in Perth, WA?

A high-quality 8kW solar panel system price lies between $ 7,500 and $ 11,000.

2. What are the Dimensions of the 8kW Solar Module?

The 8kW solar module size typically measures 1.6 m x 1 m. Depending on the exact efficiency of the solar module used, each 1 kW DC solar system requires around 66 square feet of roof area, which means that area for 8kW solar panel requires about 528 square feet of roof area.

3. What is the capacity of an 8kW solar module?

Generally, any 8kW solar module works for 3 to 4 years but you can save enough money with this system. But you are advised to check every option before taking any final decision.

4. How Many Panels Are Required For 8kw Solar Module?

In general, there are approx. 28 solar modules in the 8kW solar module.

5. How Much Energy Does an 8kW Solar PV Panels system generate daily in Perth, WA?

The main role of the solar PV panels system is to save energy as it produces 35 units daily. Moreover, its performance depends on certain factors like climate, location of your power system. However, our engineers know how to make the most of the sun and position your PV solar panels to ensure your system gets the most out of what is available. 8kW solar panel kit will save your electricity bill annually.

6. How Many rooftops Area Will an 8kW Solar Module take?

You need a roof area of ​​around 34 to 45 m².

7. How Much Money Would I Save After Using an 8kW Solar Array in Perth, Western Australia?

Solar arrays generated energy which can result in saving a lot of money. On average, you can save up to $505 per account cycle. You can save a lot by investing your money in purchasing quality products. But make sure not to buy an expensive system.

8. What Type of Households is Best Suited For 8kW Solar Photovoltaic System in Perth, WA? 

 If you are residing in a large house with proper air conditioner and other furniture then an 8kW solar photovoltaic system is a good choice which can save energy. 



6kW Solar PV/ Panel Systems in Perth, WA| Installation, Price

6kW solar panel system in Perth, WA

When you are considering investing in solar power, you should think about how much it will cost in terms of maintenance and repairs. High-quality solar modules are very durable and require little maintenance. In general, we recommend that you consult with an accredited solar installer every year to ensure that your solar system does not lose efficiency and operate at peak performance. The effectiveness of solar cells can be influenced by many factors. This can be influenced in terms of the efficiency of the solar cell’s output power, where the angle of the panel is mounted by the solar azimuth. Other factors include what material the solar cells consist of, how old the solar cells are, how clean the panels are and how this affects solar cell exposure. 

6kW Solar Power System Installation & Repair in Perth, WA

Technically, solar arrays can be repaired. If the panel still has a warranty, contact the manufacturer and begin the complaint process. The main cost for maintaining a solar system is an annual fee to verify an accredited solar installer. The usual level of control for accredited solar installers is usually $ 150 to $ 300. For this money, they check connections, cables, panels, roof installations, DC separators, and inverters. We recommend an annual review. If your solar inverter needs to be replaced, this will be the cost of a new inverter and installation costs. As soon as a new solar system is installed, you don’t need to replace your solar module for at least 15 to 20 years.

Perth Solar Energy

On average, Perth receives solar energy radiation around 5.35 kilowatt-hours per day. Ideally, solar panels installed in Perth should face north. The permissible plate angle range is 16 ° to 26 ° and the optimal angle is 21 °. For typical PV roof installations, the actual mounting angle is determined by the roof pitch.

6kW Solar PV Systems Price & Output List in Perth, WA

High quality 6 kW photovoltaic systems cost between $4000 and $9,000 and are fully installed. It is important to know that with solar panels you usually get what you pay for. You can find a cheaper 6 kW solar system for less than $5,500. However, this usually requires the purchase of low and medium panels manufactured in China, often without the support of customer service. 

6kW Solar Power System Prices in Perth WA

For larger systems, it is important to maximize reliability, productivity, and longevity. So, if you spend a little more in advance, you can save a lot of money throughout the life of the system. Solar Systems offers a guarantee of comprehensive service and comprehensive technical support. This gives our customers peace of mind that we treat you when there are problems.

As a rough guide, you can save up to $ 1600 per year on energy costs with a 6kW solar power system in Perth WA. Of course, to save $ 400 per quarter, you have to use a lot of energy during the day – up to 30kWh in summer. If you can get the most out of your 6kW system, you can spend up to $ 10,000, take the top position and get a refund in just 4 years.


Overview of 6kW Solar Panel 
Average cost $3,990 and $9,000
Total panels 22 to 24
Power generated 26.4 units/day
Saving $400 per electricity bill cycle

Benefits Of 6kW Rooftop Solar Energy Systems For Home in Perth, Western Australia?

6 kW solar system (or more commonly) 6.6 kW solar system is becoming increasingly popular among Australian households because of several factors, including affordability, adequate size, and easy grid connectivity. 

The 6kW solar system is ideal for medium to large families. They are a great choice for large families with high energy needs. So, if you have a pool, air conditioner, and spa, this is the system for you.

6kW Solar Panels has many amazing benefits for consumers, including the ability to save money, reduce their carbon footprint, environment-friendly and live independently of the electrical resources.

6kW solar system off-grid comes with Inverter, PV Combiner Box, Charger Controller, Battery, Solar Mounting Structure and PV Cable. The 6kW solar panel kit requires space of up to 450 square meters.

You are not sure which solar system is best for your needs? Contact us today and we can help you choose a solar photovoltaic system that suits your location, budget, and lifestyle. We deliver high-end solar power systems at affordable rates. We are one of the topmost 6kW Solar System Provider Company in Perth, Australia. 

6kW Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 6kw solar panel cost in Perth WA? 

The average cost of a 6kW solar system can range between $ 3,990 and $ 9,000. Cheaper options are available, but prices are generally a good indicator of quality. At Future Solar WA, we only sell the most trusted solar systems in the world to ensure your investment pays off.

We also guarantee that all of our 6kW solar panels will be covered by Australia’s warranty and support. That way, you are protected when something goes wrong and you don’t need to work with another provider.

2. What are the Dimensions of 6kW solar panel in Perth WA? 

The 6kW solar system has 20 solar photovoltaic panels. Each panel (6kW solar panel size) measures around 1.6 m x 1 m.

3. What is the Capacity of 6kW solar power system? 

The high quality 6kW solar panel capacity pays off for around 2.5 to 4 years. But with solar power, your savings start from day one. As soon as your 6kW solar system generates energy, you save energy costs – savings that significantly extend the life of your solar system.

4. How Many Panels Does a 6kw Solar PV System Have? 

The modern 6 kW solar system, which uses modules with 275 watts to 320 watts, will consist of about 22 to 24 panels.

5. What is the average kWh a 6kW Solar Module will produce? 

The high-quality 6 kW solar module produces 26.4 units per day – enough to balance the average household energy consumption. However, the performance of your 6kW solar system depends on your location, system location, and quality. The solar system produces more energy (especially in the summer months) as well as absorbs as much direct sunlight as possible. Quality is also an important factor- the higher the quality of your solar modules and inverters, the better the results.

We can tell you which system best suits your needs by drawing your attention to the best brands in the market. And our professional installer positions your system so that it absorbs as much sun as possible throughout the year.

6. What is the Area Required For the 6kw Solar Panel System in Western Australia? 

Usually, each panel has a size of around 1.7 m2, so the roof area needed for a 6 kW system is between 37 and 40 m2 – or maybe more, depending on your roof and whether you need a bevelled frame, you should have more distance bigger than the panel mounted on the side of the roof.


9kW Solar PV Power/ Panel System in Perth, WA| Installation, Cost

9kW solar panel system in Perth, WA


The 9kW solar energy system is most suitable for users with higher energy consumption (3 or more people). The size of this solar system is classified as “commercial”. If you are a commercial customer and consume between 35 kWh and 50 kWh, a 9kW solar system might be a good choice to reduce your energy costs. The 9kw solar system for home benefits the huge energy demands. Depending on where you are in Australia (or around the world), the 9kW solar system off-grid generates different amounts of energy every day. The 9kW solar system will certainly burden you with different amounts depending on the solar business where you buy it. Due to logistics, taxes, etc., Prices also vary from city to city.  

9kW Solar Panel/ Power System Installation Services in Perth, WA

General checklist for buyers:

Depending on project-specific conditions, photovoltaic systems may or may not be a large investment. If you are considering installing a photovoltaic system for your home or business, ensure the following checklist before buying solar systems.

1) Sunlight

There are four main factors that determine whether a potential location receives enough sunlight for a solar PV system to be profitable are Geographical location, local weather, Alignment of the roof and other obstacles. These factors determine the amount of direct solar radiation that reaches the photovoltaic system and, in a broader sense, determine the energy output.

2) Shadowing

Shadowing can be a serious problem if not taken into account because the shade of one solar module is enough to reduce the production of the entire string. However, please note that when installing arrays, small shadows can be avoided and Locations, where solar photovoltaic systems are installed, must have a minimum shade. PV roof systems have improved performance when installed in a favorable orientation.

3) Is your energy at your location expensive?

Expensive energy means saving more money per kilowatt-hour, produced by solar photovoltaic systems. Production of 1000 kWh saves 100 US $ at 0.10 US $ per kWh. However, this amount will double if the utility charges $ 0.20 per kWh. If energy is expensive, the payback period is shortened because of the savings per kWh increase.

4) Are there incentives from local authorities?

Some governments offer tax credits and tax exemptions to homeowners and companies that invest in solar energy. 

5) Warranty in Perth, WA

Solar power plants must have about a lifetime. 25 years. Typically, solar modules have a 25-year performance guarantee, although other components of the solar system may have different / lower performance guarantees.

6) Support and Maintenance in Perth, WA

The rooftop solar system will only provide a full return on investment if it works as smoothly as possible. This means regular checks on individual system components. Timely intervention avoids the risk of production decline or downtime or security risk.

7) Permits, Approvals, and Subsidies in Perth, WA

In the solar system for a grid roof, operators must meet all the requirements needed for the installation of network meters. This may require additional time and costs depending on the local power supply. Permission is not required for battery-based systems. However, if the subsidy scheme is offered by the government, additional subsidy documents may be needed.

8) Lifestyle

Solar energy is produced during the day. Soon, economical battery storage will be available. However, it is important to evaluate at this time how much energy is used during the day. If your property is empty most of the time, most of the electricity is likely to enter the grid. 

9) Do you have your property?

If you are not a property owner, the investment may not be justified – unless your landlord/broker wants to share costs or make investments on your behalf to exceed the increase in rental rates.

The cost of a fully installed 9kW solar system has dropped dramatically in recent years. Wholesale costs for photovoltaic modules continue to decline due to market conditions, especially due to increased production in Australia. The high-quality 9kW solar system in Australia has been installed for under $ 10,000. Generally, a 9kw solar system price lies between $9,000 and $14,000.

Solar PV System Price and Sizes in Perth, WA

Overview of 9kW Solar Panel 
Average cost $9,000 and $14,000
Total panels 30
Power generated 40 units/day
Saving $300- $600 per electricity bill cycle

Why Choose Us For 9kW Rooftop Solar Panels For Home in Perth, WA?

Our mission is to provide consumers who want to buy solar panels with the best information tools available to help them find the best solar panels for their homes, the best solar system inverters and the best solar prices they can get. Purchasing a solar module is not easy, because it is designed for a lifetime of at least 25 to 30 years and thus represents a long-term investment. We know that the 9kW system is a big investment. That is why every brand we offer is one of the best in the world and offers comprehensive Australian warranty support. Contact Us Now for Best 9kw solar system In Perth, Australia

9kW Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 9kW solar energy system cost in Perth, WA?

The Solar panel price lies between $9,000 and $14,000 for a high-quality 9 kW solar system. The 9kW solar panel price is affordable for commercial usages.

2. What are the Dimensions of the 9kw solar array in Perth, WA?

The average 9kw solar panel size is 1.6 m x 1 m.

3. What is the capacity of a 9kW Solar Power system in Perth, Western Australia?

Like a solar PV system, the actual power of a 9kw solar system/9kW solar panel capacity depends on several variables. The location and climate, Trend and orientation of solar panels, the quality and size of the system inverter and others in the system will play a significant role in power output.

The average payback period of the 9kW solar system is 3 to 5 years. No matter how long you return, you save energy costs from day one – savings that only increase if electricity prices continue to rise.

4. How Many solar panels are required for a 9kW Solar Power system?

The 9kW solar system consists of 28 to 36 solar panels. The efficiency of a solar module is determined by the amount of energy that is converted from sunlight into electricity per unit area. This means that comparing panels of the same size gives more efficient panels more power (in watts). High-performance panels are usually expensive, so it is very useful when space on the roof is limited. By using high-performance panels, the homeowner can maximize the amount of solar energy he can use because of the size of the roof. 

It depends on how much electricity you consume, where you live, what roof characteristics you have and what percentage of your electricity bill you want to reduce.

6. What would be my savings on using a 9kW Solar Panel System?

If you use more electricity than you send back to the grid, you save about $ 350 to $ 600 per account cycle with a 9kW solar system.

But keep in mind that you save more when you consume most of your solar energy during the day. They are still paid for every energy you export back to the electricity grid, but it’s not as important as the savings you make when you consume most, if not all, of your electricity.

7. What is the Area Required For the 9kw Solar Panel System?

The average solar panel is 1.6 m x 1 m, so the 9kw solar panel area needs around 55-60 m² of roof space.

8. What is the average power output of one 9kW Solar power system?

The 9kW system on average produces 40 units of energy per day. But how much energy you produce depends on several factors.

The location and position of the panel are the two most important. Most places in Australia have the most sunlight around noon or 1 pm, less in the afternoon and morning. Apart from that, you will produce more energy in summer than in winter. However, regardless of your location, our installer positions your system so that it receives as much sunlight as possible throughout the year.

The result also really depends on the quality of your system. So, it pays to invest in the best quality you can afford. Combined with precise positioning, ensure your system provides the best results 365 days a year.

9. What Type of Households are Best Suited For 9kW Solar Panel? 

The 9kW solar system is ideal for large houses with reversible air conditioning and large swimming pools. If you use a lot of power during the day and have a minimum budget of $ 700 per billing cycle, the 9kW system is a good choice.



1.5 kW Solar PV Power/ Panel System in Perth, WA | Installation, Price

1.5kW Solar Panel System in Perth, WA

Solar Power systems have become popular in recent years. It is beneficial in many ways, including a reduction in electricity bills and fewer carbon emissions. Selecting the right solar system is necessary. If the solar system unit is too small or too big for your place, then it will be a tough decision. The appropriate roof space required power, and other things matter when you want to install the solar energy systems. In Australia, you will find these systems at almost every home. 

Government policies played a vital role in maximizing the sale of 1.5Kw solar systems in Australia. The maximum solar rebate until 2013 was given for this solar system, so Australians use these panels for their homes. 

1.5 kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation & Repair In Perth, WA

The concept of solar power came into existence at the beginning of the 20th century. But the second half phase of the century is known for the proper utilization of solar energy. Solar Power systems are developed in this period, and now millions of people are using this system for their home. 

 1.5Kw Solar Power System modules are developed for small houses. This system valued more than other Kw in terms of rebate in Australia. So people get more attracted to these systems. But now they have been overtaken by the 6Kw solar systems. But still, many people prefer the 1.5Kw systems to add to the existing solar system and increase power production. These systems can offer superiors returns over a more extensive network. 

1.5 kw Solar PV Systems Price In Perth, WA

In comparison to other cities in Australia, The output of this system is higher in Perth. That is why people install 1.5Kw solar systems for the home

Indicative 1.5kW solar system output for select Australian cities
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth
Average 5.8kWh 6.3kWh 5.7kWh 6.8kWh
Summer (Dec) 6.7kWh 8.5kWh 6.7kWh 7.9kWh
Winter (June) 4.5kWh 4.8kWh 3.7kWh 4.8kWh

  Also, the solar panel size for 1.5 Kw is suitable for fitting at the rooftop of a small house. If 2-3 people are living in a small apartment, then this system is perfect for their requirements. Moreover, the savings will increase to about $590/ year (approx). 

  No. of Panels 5-10
  Total Cost  $2000-$4000 (approx.)
  Power Generated  7 units per day
  Savings Between $100-$350 per bill cycle (approx.)
  Payback Period 3-5 years
  Suited to   Small Houses with Consumption of 3-5kW/day


  Why Choose Rooftop 1.5kW Size Solar Panels in Perth, WA Location

Electricity is one of the essential components of living in Australia. But the power cuts, expensive grid energy, and other factors are not suitable for getting the electricity with base. People are now switching to additional resources to get proper electricity at their house. The best solution for generating electricity in Perth is by using a solar power system. The Solar Power system creates electricity by using sunlight. It has many benefits which justify why you should install this system at house. 

 Off-grid 1.5kw solar panel is the perfect choice for small houses where the power consumption is less. Well, if you are consuming less than 1000 watt, then these solar panels are boon for your home. Also, the solar panel size for 1.5kw is small. There is a different kind of solar systems available for short to big houses. Many factors play to decide which solar panel will suit your needs. If we talk about 1.5Kw solar panels, then small houses will be in benefit. Also, if you install a 1.5Kw solar system Off-grid, then you will not get a rebate from the government. But the on-grid and hybrid will give you a chance to get an incentive for energy production.

Key Features of 1.5kW Solar Power System

The power system is a onetime investment which will give you results for a long time. You do not need to pay bills for solar every month. 

  • The solar panel repair is cost-efficient. 
  • The solar power installation companies give Guarantee with the purchase of 1.5kW solar panel kit
  • It provides clean energy
  • Secure investment 
  • It generates about 6Kwh power per day
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Reduce carbon emission.

So in the meantime, you are getting the electricity free of cost. This system has good power backup for small houses. 

You will find many 1.5 Kw Solar panel system providers in Perth, Australia. But you are recommended to select the best one for you. You can find them on the internet and choose a suitable installer based on reviews. 

1.5 kw Size Solar Power Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 1.5 kW solar energy system costs In Perth, WA?

The 1.5Kw solar energy system price is about $2100-$4000, depending on the region you are located in. However, the 1.5Kw solar panel price has decreased in a few years, but still, you will need to pay the hefty amount. You are recommended to select the high-quality panels to get the maximum benefit from them. The installation of the whole system is costly, but if you are adding these panels to the already existing solar system at your home, then you will save money.

 2. What are the dimensions of 1.5 kW Size Solar Panel/ Power System?

The 1.5Kw solar panel size is about 1.6m x 1m, and it required a 11m2 area for installation. There are about 5-8 panels installed in the area for 1.5Kw solar panel.


3. What is the capacity of 1.5 kW Solar PV System?

This solar power system is designed for the houses where 7 units are consumed per day. However, the production of energy may vary depending on the presence of shade or the region. 


4. What Equipments can a 1.5kW Solar System run in Perth WA location?

You can look at the table below to know the quantities of appliances 1.5 Kw solar panel can run.


S.N Appliance Name Capacity Quantity Duration
1 Fans 80 W 2 8 hour
2 LED lights 9 W 8 8 hour
3 Laptop or computer or TV 100 W 1 4 hour
4 Refrigerator 250 W 1 8 hour

 5. How much area 1.5 kW Solar Panels take on your roof?

A 1.5Kw solar panel usually takes 11m2 area of the rooftop. However, the 1.5Kw solar panel area may vary depending on the number of panels used. 


6. What is the average payback period for a 1.5 kW Solar Array In Perth, Western Australia?

The average payback period for this solar array is about 5 years approx. But the exact payback period depends on the quality of panels used. Also, the location has an impact on time. However, you will start saving on electricity bills from day one. 

3kW Solar PV Power/ Panel Systems in Perth, WA| Installation, Price

3kW solar panel system in Perth, WA

Solar energy is a natural source for producing electricity. The installation of solar panels saves money. Hence many people in Australia are opting to switch to 3kW Solar power system. Besides, grid electricity is costly in Perth. And the prices will increase in the future too. So, selecting the other option like generating your electricity will be better. Also, the solar power installation cost is affordable for people in Australia. 

A power system can offset the electricity in high amount depending on various factors. The size of the system and the electricity consumption amount will be responsible for the average electricity generation rate of the power system at home. 3Kw Solar system is suitable for the average Aussie family. 

3kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation & Repair In Perth, WA

A single solar power system consists of multiple Photovoltaic panels (Modules). The panels are fitted in a particular angle to get the maximum sunlight on it. Then this energy is converted to electricity. The 3Kw solar power system can support the total connected load of more than 10 kWh. However, the output depends on kWh per day. Most of the locations receive more sunshine at the time of summer as well as less sunlight in winter. The average production of electric energy by the 3Kw power system for various cities is given below.  Average indicative 3kW solar system energy yields for Australian capital cities  

Average indicative 3kW solar system energy yields for Australian capital cities
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth
10.9kWh 11.6kWh 10kWh 12.8kWh
Adelaide Hobart Darwin Canberra
11.6kWh 9.2kWh 14.2kWh 11.5kWh

3kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Price In Perth, WA

Out of all the cities, Darwin and Perth are the top two cities to generate the highest electricity through solar systems. Perth is ideal for this solar system so that you will find solar systems at almost every house in the region. This 3Kw Solar system for home can generate about 13.2units maximum in a day. If the house consumes average power, then it is suitable otherwise big systems might be more appropriate. 

  No. of Panels 9-12
  Total Cost  $2900-$5600 (approx.)
  Power Generated  Around 11-14 units per day
  Savings Between $120-$180 per bill cycle (approx.)
  Payback Period 3years
  Suited to   Small working families with electricity budget of $220 or more per cycle

Benefits Of 3KW Solar PV Panels/ Power Systems In Perth, Western Australia?

The duration of power outages is increasing in Australia. People face many challenges during power cuts. If you use solar power, then you have the freedom to control your house’s electricity. Also, a 3kw solar system off-grid is giving better results by storing DC in the batteries. It provides power all the time and restores the energy when it comes in contact with sunlight. Apart from Off-grid, you will have the choices of On-Grid and Hybrid systems. 

Here are some of the advantages of using this system at your home.

  • Reduces Electricity Bills
  • Affordable and suitable for small working families with the power consumption of average 11-14 units per day.
  • It works as an ATM that regular pay you
  • Environment-friendly
  • Protection from the Electricity price rise

The 3Kw solar panel is available in different sizes. So the number of panels required for this system may differ. Also, your rooftop area will be considered before deciding the number of panels. It means you do not need to worry about the area for the 3Kw solar panel.

This solar panel is better than 1.5kw panels, which are smaller in size. Also, 3kw solar panel area is not so big. It means you can get them installed easily on your rooftop.

 Appliance daytime consumption

It is necessary to know about the appliances which can run on a 3Kw solar power system. Also, the power consumed by these appliances is given below.

Fridge  – 1.5kWh/day

Washing machine    – 2kWh/day

Swimming pool pump   – 3kWh-4kWh/day

Lighting   – 0.5kWh/day

TV, radio, computers, phone, ceiling fans   – around 1.5kWh/day

Toaster, kettle – breakfast/lunch cooking   – 0.5kWh/day

Estimated total daytime consumption   – 17.5kWh


Recommended Load for 3kw Solar Power Generation

 Every solar system is designed to support the limited load. If you are using a 3kw solar system, then you must use the appliances recommended.


1) For Off-grid


Recommended Load Load Back-up Time
* 8 LED Lights + 2 Fan + 1 ton inverter AC+ Fridge 2000 watt 4 Hours
* 8 LED Lights + 4 Fan + 1 Cooler+ Fridge+ 1 TV 1500 watt 6 Hours
* 8 LEDs + 4 Fan + 1 TV+ Washing Machine 800 watt 12 Hours

2) For Hybrid

Recommended Load Load Back-up Time
* 8 LED Lights + 2 Fan + 1 ton inverter AC+ Fridge 2000 watt 3 Hours
* 8 LED Lights + 4 Fan + 1 Cooler+ Fridge+ 1 TV 1500 watt 5 Hours
* 8 LEDs + 4 Fan + 1 TV+ Washing Machine 800 watt 10 Hours


Choose Best 3kW Solar System Provider Company In Perth, Australia

3Kw solar system is popular among the Aussies. If you want to install this system, then you can contact the best solar system, installers in Perth. There are many solar panel providers in this region. So before selecting anyone, you should compare the 3kw solar system price and the services. Also, the reviews of older customers matter a lot. You can check the revisions on the internet. Make sure that you are selecting a high-quality system and panels. As it is the long term investment, so the $300-$500 difference is sufficient.

3kw Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

1. How much does a 3kW solar energy system cost In Perth, WA?

The 3Kw solar energy system price is about $2900-$5600. The location of your home and the quality of the panels will have an impact on the cost. If you are installing world-class PV solar panels, then the price may increase. But these panels will come with many benefits for you.

2. What are the Dimensions of the 3kW solar panel in Perth, WA?

3kw solar panel size is 1.6m x 1 m, and it takes about 20m2 area of the rooftop for installation. A total of 9-12 panels will be installed in the complete system. Solar panel size for 3kw is similar to other panels. So, the number of panels is used in systems to generate high power.

3. What is the capacity of a 3kW solar panel in Perth, WA?

3kw solar panel capacity is more senior than a 1.5kw system. It is suitable for a small working house with 2-3 people. It can generate up to 14 units in a day. However, other factors may affect power production. 

4. Is 3kW Solar Panel Better Than 5kW Solar Panel?

5Kw system is better than a 3kw system due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is that 5Kw is a better investment as it saves more on the electricity bill. However, ROI for both systems is similar. But the capital cost is higher, and it means a 3kw solar panel kit is cheaper than 5 Kw system. When we look at overall savings, then 5Kw comes as a king over 3kw solar panel.

5. What would be My Average Monthly Savings by Using a 3kW Solar Module In Perth, WA?

 The monthly saving depends on the energy consumed as well as other factors. Size and angle of the roof, direct hours of daily sunlight, and the local electricity rates have a significant impact on how much 3 Kw solar module will save. However, the average savings per bill cycle is about $120-$180.

7. What is the installation cost of the 3kW Solar  Array in Perth, Western Australia?

The installation cost of a 3kw solar array is $2900-$5600. This cost will depend on various factors. However, the installers have different prices for their services. So, you can contact your solar system company or installer for the exact prices.

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