Off-grid solar energy and On-grid solar energy has always been a topic for discussion and it is important to understand the actual difference between them. You must have detailed knowledge about both of them before choosing any of them as your energy solution.

There are several kinds of energy present on earth that are required for the survival of people. But among all of them, solar energy is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly form of energy. It not only reduces carbon footprints but also reduces the utility bills that result in saving more.

Before choosing any form of energy solution you must have deep knowledge about it and should have done proper research on it. 

There are many factors on which your choices may depend on such as total energy consumption, budget, location etc. You can take the help of an experienced solar company who can guide you through this and help you out in choosing the best one for you.

What do you mean by Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Energy?

Basically, an off-grid solar power system is a system that is not directly connected to the power grid which means there will be a 100% self-sustaining power solution. This kind of system only requires battery storage so as to store the excess or unused power and supply it when your system requires it. The battery may charge you a bit extra but it will save you for the time of power cut.

Whereas, an off-grid solar power system is a system that is directly connected to the grid itself. This kind of system is often used for residential homes. In this case, the utility grid works as a battery system since you can get power directly from the grid and export it directly to the grid in over-produced power situations.

Your electricity consumption, excess power generation and other factors may vary depending on the type of power system you choose for your household. 

Difference: Off-grid Vs On-grid Solar Energy 

1. Electricity Access

Electricity Access with Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system makes you completely independent of the power grid which means you only have to rely upon solar energy and battery storage for electricity. This system can be used for both households or businesses. 

If you choose a solar system that is not connected with the grid and does not have any other source to generate power, then you will have two options, the first one is your solar panels will generate electricity when there is sunlight and secondly electricity will be stored in a solar battery for future use when there is no sunlight. 

If you have not installed a battery along with the off-grid system then there will be no electricity available for you at nighttime or on cloudy days. So it is very important to have a battery attached to your off-grid system.

Electricity Access with On-Grid Solar System 

If you go for an on-grid solar system, You will get electricity from the solar panels or the power grid. You will get electricity even when there is no battery attached to your system or no energy generated from panels until the grid shuts down due to some fault.

If your system does not generate sufficient electricity to power your house, then in such a case you can draw electricity from the grid as well to meet the electricity requirements.

2. Usage of Excess Production

Excess Production with Off-Grid Solar System

Any system generating excess energy depends on many factors like total usage and total generation of the system. The amount of energy a system produces may vary depending on the size of the system.

Off-grid solar systems are designed in such a way that it generates the excess energy during the daytime and stores it in the battery storage system. This stored energy can be used for different purposes at nighttime or when the system is generating less electricity.

It may happen that the weather conditions are not good for some days making it difficult for the system to produce electricity. So in such cases, the extra batteries may help you to meet the electricity requirements.

The solar batteries come in a variety of ranges and it may cost you a bit extra to add. But buying good quality batteries from a recognized solar company will solve all your electricity storage solutions and make your system more efficient.  

Excess Power Generation with On-Grid Solar System

People often choose On-grid power systems so as to overcome the problem of power outages when there is no electricity generation through the panels. An on-grid solar system can also produce excess electrical power depending on the usage of power during the day.  

The excess electricity is to be generated, it will be sent to the grid. Also, there are some special schemes in some of the countries like for example in Australia, the DEBS scheme is there in which people get paid for the excess energy that is transferred to the grid.  

3. What If The Grid Goes Down

Power Outages with Off-Grid Systems

In an off-grid solar power system, it is independent of the utility grid so during power outages or in very bad weather conditions, you will get the electricity from the battery storage system. This means you will utilise the excess electricity that was stored in the battery. Then again when the weather gets clear, you can generate your electricity from your system and store it for further usage. 

Power Outages with Grid-Connected Systems

The best thing about Grid-connected systems is that you get access to electricity whenever you need it. But if in any case, the grid goes down, then you’ll have to generate electricity from the solar panels. If somehow your solar panels are not able to generate power, then eventually you will not have electric power. So the solution to this is to have a grid-connected system along with batteries so that you can have access to electricity even in case of power outages.   

4. Electricity Bills 

Electricity Bills while having an Off-Grid System

Since you are independent of the power grid, you don’t have to worry about paying more on electricity bills. It may be possible that setting up your system in the starting cost you a bit but it will ensure you the best return on investment and a long-running system. 

Electricity bills while having a Grid-connected System

You may get a reduction in electricity bills while having an On-grid solar system but you will have to pay for certain services and other system-related expenses. The prices of electricity may vary depending on the time of usage. Many countries have high electricity costs during peak times and low electricity costs during other times of the day. 

But the good news about installing this system is that you can get paid for exporting the excess electricity to the grid which you did not use. Many states have these kinds of payment schemes for their citizens so that they can earn more money at peak times and encourage them to use clean energy as well. This will also reduce your electricity costs as per your usage.

Hybrid Solar Energy Systems: About

Hybrid solar energy systems are the systems that have qualities of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. It is connected to the grid as well as it has battery storage also to store the excess power generated by the system. It may cost you higher since it includes batteries and a grid connection. The main reason for installing such systems is to reduce the high energy consumption during the daytime and make the system more efficient.  


After discussing the differences between the two, it is very clear that you can choose the system depending on your usage and preference. The best thing is both the solar systems are supported by solar energy so they are good for the environment in any way. Also, you will be the owner of your power generation, so you can use your generated electricity according to your needs and save more. If you live in Perth, it is always best for you to consult the best installers so that they can help you to decide what to choose and what will be suitable enough according to your needs. 

What is STC Program in Perth WA

STC program stands for Small – scale Technology certificates which is an initiative by the government to motivate people to switch to solar. It provides financial incentives to the customer who is purchasing solar power systems or solar panels. The value is given in the form of a dollar and is later deducted from the cost of the solar system. The value may differ depending on the market conditions and other factors.

What do you understand about the STC Program?

The STC program basically states that every megawatt-hour your system generates is eligible to get Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). There are two types of Renewable Energy Certificates: Small-scale technology certificates and Large-scale energy certificates and both are applicable for residential solar installations.

The benefit of this program is that you can get a certain amount of discounts while purchasing the solar power system from any recognized and reputed solar installer. They will provide this discount in the form of the STC value mentioned in your solar quote. You don’t have to bother about the process of selling or registering STCs as your installer will make it easier for you and do everything for you. 

Solar rebate Reduces Upfront Cost

If you are planning to buy a solar energy system now, you will definitely get a subsidy from the government for your system installation. This subsidy will help in reducing the cost of the solar system which will be applied at the point of sale.

One of the most important points to be kept in mind is that the solar rebates reduce one fifteenth every year depending on the current legislation in power. This reduction started from the year 2017 and it will reduce gradually till the year 2032 when the reduction reaches zero. 

It works on a very simple formula if the demand increases for the solar panels then the rebate value will decrease along with the STC price. The maximum value of STC set by the government law is $40 and the STC may vary between $0 to $40. 

Different Criteria for Claiming the Financial Incentive

Most solar system owners assign their own agents to create their STCs. But you can also trade STCs by yourself by following just a few simple steps: 

  • Firstly, determine the eligibility of the solar power system or other small-scale renewable energy systems to be installed at your home.
  • Calculate the total number of STCs to claim for your system installed.
  • Obtain all the necessary information and complete the proper compliance paperwork.
  • Create an account in the REC registry that includes verifying your identity and an assessment of a fit and proper person for the installation.
  • Creating STCs in the REC Registry within 12 months of the installation date is important.
  • Wait for the Clean Energy Regulator to validate all the certificates.
  • Find a suitable buyer for the STCs trade or place them in the STC clearing house queue for sale and wait for it.

How to determine the STC Rebate?

Currently, the value of the solar rebate as per STC is about $38 which converts into a solar rebate amounting to $525 per KW installed. The STCs are always traded in the open market so it is exposed by the market fluctuations as well. You can easily get to know the STC rebate rates in the market and other information also. 

How Does the Solar Rebate Work?

STCs work in a very systematic way as they are issued along with the eligible solar system and solar panels. The values are generated in form of dollars and can be redeemed as they get deducted from the cost of the solar system while purchasing the solar system. Most of the accredited solar installers make it easier and hassle-free for you to register and sell the STCs. They will provide point-of-sale discounts depending on your STCs.

You can also assign this to your installing agency who will completely do the registration processes on your behalf.

The amount you can get from the STC program is based on 3 factors:

  • The dollar value of STC
  • Zoning criteria: Australia is divided into separate zones depending on how much solar energy can be generated by the panels in the given area. You can also check your zone by using the postal code of your area.

Each zone in Australia has a particular rating number which is used for the calculation of the STCs number that the system is eligible for. 

Zone 1 – 1.622 rating

Zone 2 – 1.536 rating

Zone 3 – 1.382 rating

Zone 4 – 1.185 rating

  • The deeming period: Since the solar rebate is gradually reducing by one-fifteenth every year till it gets completely zero, so the deeming period will also reduce every year.

Why Should You Get Solar Quotes Sooner?

It is well known that the value of solar rebates varies depending on the current market prices of STCs. So if the demand for solar panel installation increases, the STCs will be credited more. As the supply of STC increases, then it will result in decreasing the demand therefore the STC price and the subsidy will be reduced. 

If the demand for solar panels increases too much, then that will cause the STC price to drop. So this indicates that if you get quotes for solar right now, you will get the rebate value depending on the current STC price. 


The renewable energy certificates are introduced by the government to attract the citizens to choose renewable energy systems and contribute to reducing carbon footprints. They also have an option to buy the right to other people’s energy systems in the form of RECs. The Small-scale Technology Certificate is a type of REC and its STC value can be redeemed in the dollar amount. Mostly the installers take the responsibility to trade the STCs for you. 


The best part of installing a solar panel system in Perth is that you get a high return on investment for your system by solar system optimization. You become much more independent and require less electrical power from the grid. This absolutely makes sense to get a solar system for your home soon. Apart from these, you should keep some points in mind to get maximum output from your system. 

Solar Energy in Perth: Future Benefits

As we can see, Solar Energy has a consistent growth and is becoming a major source of energy over these years. Solar power system is considered as the most budget-friendly energy system as it reduces your utility bills and helps in saving more in future. 

There are various incentives provided by the state government depending on the location where you live. This is one of the major reasons why people are switching over to solar power systems as this also helps them in saving on bills. According to the current growth rate, it can be assumed that Australia will be using 50% of total renewable energy by the year 2025. And thus, Perth will have an equivalent growth in renewable energy usage as well.

Different Ways to Use Solar Energy

A residential solar power system has the maximum benefit and is the best way to provide electrical power to your house. These solar power systems provide free electricity in your home during the daytime. Some of the best ways are: 

Monitoring the equipment

Always monitor the electronic equipment of your house so that you can get an idea about which equipment requires the most energy. Then according to that, use your high electricity consumed equipment during the daytime. Solar system generates enough electricity to power your household during daytime. Try to make a schedule about which appliances should be used to manage the electricity consumption efficiently. 

Prioritize the usage of Devices

Solar panel system generates enough electricity to power your house but you need to prioritize the usage of devices so that you can avoid situations like running out of electrical power. Manage your devices accordingly like when electricity availability is lower, then use only the important ones and vice versa. This will eventually help you to save more and use your energy wisely.

Use Energy Efficient Devices

There are some devices that require more energy and some devices which require less energy to operate. So it is always better to choose such devices that have star energy ratings so that it requires less energy and at the same time works efficiently. These kinds of devices will help you to save a lot of money and utility bills. S

If you already have a rough idea about how much power will be consumed by the appliances then, plan accordingly and prioritize the appliances. 

Generate more electricity When the Sun Shines

It is a well-known fact that solar panels work when the sunlight is there i.e, during the daytime. So if you are thinking and also need to maximize the usage of energy then the only option is to generate much electricity during the daytime. The usage of each household varies depending on their usage and methods of using energy. Some of the methods of using power include:

  • Charging their electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc., during day time and unplugging at nighttime
  • Set timers or notification alarms on home appliances to use the most energy and quickly switch off before sunset.

You can also use the excess energy generated by solar panels at night by storing it on a solar battery and use it as per your requirement. 

Maintenance of the Solar Panels 

Solar panels do not require much more effort in cleaning as they get themselves cleaned when there is rain. But once in a year or twice, you should clean the solar panels so as to maintain their performance and energy efficiency level. Various factors like, dirt, leaves, bird dropping, get on the solar panels affect in absorbing proper sunlight and reduce the panel’s performance which as a result affects in energy generation. 

You should keep on checking whether the panels are getting the proper sunlight or are there any shading that hampers the panel’s performance. You can also get your panels cleaned by the maintenance service team. This will save you time and also they will assure you that your panels are running properly without any defects. They will help you by providing some tips about how to maintain the performance of the panels.


Solar energy has a very bright future considering its growth. The number of solar panel systems is increasing day by day and it is the best possible way to reduce your utility bills. You can utilize the maximum output of your power system by using energy-efficient appliances. Go get your solar panel system installed today only and enjoy several benefits. 

Best Benefits of Renewable Energy Industries

Best Benefits of Renewable Energy Industries: We all have studied and have basic knowledge about how much renewable energy is beneficial for us and for our planet as well. The fact is, renewable energy industries provide many benefits including financial and environmental advantages. We must have heard and experienced the rapid growth in renewable energy usage among the Australian people. People want to contribute their effort for environmental benefit. One of the best ways to contribute to saving our planet is by switching to solar energy.  In recent years, solar energy, one of the best forms of renewable energy has grown up massively and its benefits can be seen spreading worldwide. 

Why are renewable energy sources considered best for you?

1. Replaces the carbon energy resources

Global warming has become a prominent issue nowadays. Different electricity generation processes may lead to the release of different greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that causes global warming. These practices can be harmful to the environment and have dangerous effects in the future. We all know electricity generation is one of the basic factors of greenhouse gas emissions.

So keeping these things in mind, the best solution that has come is solar as it does not produce any harmful gas emissions. This helps in producing electricity without affecting our planet. You get your own electricity generation system and also save more on electricity bills. 

2. Improvement in Public Health

The harmful greenhouse gases emissions may cause serious health problems such as heart diseases, cancer, asthma, or some other serious illness. So if we use solar power to generate electricity, these gas emissions will not be there as it uses sunlight to produce electricity. Solar uses panels to absorb light and then convert it into electrical power.  Since it does not pollute the air, it will help in improving the health of people as well. 

3. Economical benefits 

Solar as compared to other electricity-generating technologies requires more manpower. For example, the whole process of solar panel installation is done manually. The panels are set up by certified installers, the connections are done by accredited electricians who have the best expertise knowledge. The maintenance is done by the well- trained professionals. You get the best assistance from the consultant themselves and don’t have to rely on digital things only. This results in a better understanding of selecting what is suitable for you. 

The local government also provides incentives and rebates for the people switching to solar to encourage them to contribute toward environmental betterment. 

4. Rise in Solar Energy Usage in The Recent Years

Solar energy sources are considered sustainable sources of energy. So the rise in the solar power industry has benefited in many ways as there is an increase in renewable energy capacity for producing electricity, the investment has increased in the global market, increased awareness about environmental benefits. People are contributing their part toward a better future by switching to solar. The government is providing incentives to motivate people and make a better environment. 

According to some renowned researchers and reports, there has been a massive increase in solar energy generation in recent years. It has broken all the previous records and the growth is still continuing. 

5. Reduction in Cost of the solar system

The cost of solar systems is declining every year and it is expected that it will keep dropping further. So now solar energy can be seen grasping the market and competing with other electricity generation resources. In Australia, the cost of solar energy is lesser than other fossil fuels and also there are several benefits provided by the Australian government on the cost of solar power systems. 

6. Renewable Energy becoming the largest generation source

Renewable energy sources are taking over the conventional sources of energy at a very fast rate. As a serious concern for the environment, many countries are now encouraging their citizens to switch to renewable sources and make the planet better for living. This growth in renewable energy sources shows that it is not going to end and will definitely cover the world all over in upcoming years. 

7. Countries reaching high shares in renewable sources 

According to several reports, almost 21% of total electricity produced in Australia is generated through renewable sources. This often includes electricity generation from solar, wind, and hydropower well. Renewable energy sources contribute a smaller but crucial part to total electricity generation in the world. 

8. Renewable Energy: Major Share of The World’s Electricity

Previously renewable energy sources have minimal growth but now it has reached the level where the difference and massive growth can be seen. It provides major portions of the total electricity required in the world.

9. Renewables Can Be Deployed Fast and Scaled Up

Many countries have installed large solar energy plants in the last few years and are planning to install more in the upcoming years. Looking forward to a country like Australia, it has some major plans in its pathway. Australia is now planning a project which is going to be the world’s biggest green energy hub and will be named “Western Green Energy Hub ” (WGEH) located on the South Coast of Western Australia. It will individually produce up to 50 GW of total wind and solar energy. This is such a huge project and will definitely provide several benefits for the Australian people. This is particularly one of the best news for the citizens of Australia as they will be able to produce more electrical power of their own and save more. 

10. Renewable Energy Delivers for All

There are several advancements in the technology field and there are many people who still don’t have access to electrical power. But for a better chance, now these renewable energy sources are making it possible for people to get the proper access to electricity and enjoy the benefits. Also, the cost involved in renewable energy generation is relatively lesser than other forms of electricity generation processes making it more significant for all the people belonging from different communities. 

This solar power system provides full control over the usage of electricity for the poorer communities and they can save it for further usage as well. Since solar panel system requires less maintenance also so it cuts down the high maintenance cost which results in saving more. 

11. Investment Banks suggesting to go renewable 

With the growing demand for renewable energy sources, even the investment banks are now suggesting their investors go for renewable sources and also providing several add ons for that. Some of the Australian government-owned banks have been established to provide financial aids for clean energy resource sectors making them more powerful. 

Several leading investment banks are advising their investors to go renewable. This is where the breakthrough in the renewable energy industry is truly visible.

All these practices are launched so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions making the air pollution-free. They are investing huge amounts so as to contribute to energy generations. 

12. 100% Renewable Energy Resource

Renewable energy sources have the potential to meet all the energy needs of the world all over. As stated by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the potential power of renewable resources is much more than any global energy form. Now, big companies, industries, cities, countries, all the people are concentrating to make this happen and contributing their bit to convert this renewable energy into a reality for every citizen. 

One of the most populated cities in Australia is Sydney, which is considered and ensured that it operates through 100% renewable electricity production. This step is meant for a better future and a smart investment decision for all the people. 


After looking at the different aspects of renewable energy sources it can be easily concluded that this will definitely reduce the carbon footprints along with reducing your electricity bills. This investment is totally worth it for all the communities. You must check the facts and figures and make your decision wisely. Being a responsible citizen, one should always promote the betterment of the planet and the usage of clean energy. 

5 Important Things About Solar Batteries In Perth WA

5 Important things about solar batteries in Perth WA: Always remember that if you are investing in solar panels or solar power batteries in Perth WA, then these will be your long-term investment and can work as a renewable asset for you. So make sure you are getting the panels and batteries from the best solar company that has a good reputation in the solar market.

The brilliant news is that there are several solar companies in Australia that provide the best solar options for you. This is one of the main reasons most Australian people have already switched to solar and are producing their own solar power.

But since it is also an electrical system so you need to be careful about the warranty period so as if any glitches arise, you get the proper assessment regarding the problem that too cost-free.

1. Understand your product elements & performance warranties

Different solar brands offer different solar plans so they might provide solar panels covering separate products and performance warranties. Some manufactures provide by bundling them all together.

The warranty covers all your defects if any in the products and for workmanship as well. Australian solar companies generally provide a standard warranty for 10 years but some companies may have as high as 25 years. 

The performance warranty covers the expected performance of the solar system over a while. This often includes the system’s efficiency and performance level. The warranty for the performance usually comes for about 25 years. 

Now, talking about the battery, there is generally a single warranty for both products and performance elements. The warranty states that the manufacturers take the guarantee that the product which they provide will remain defect-free for several years depending on the battery charging functions. Most of the batteries have a guaranteed period of around 10 years to perform. And till the end of the specified number of battery cycle periods, you get a battery cycle for about 4000 to 8000 cycles. 

The other important thing is the inverter. Inverters generally have a warranty period of 5 years and that too applies to the parts of the inverter only.

  1. Quality installation is a key factor

Solar panels and batteries are manufactured with the newest technology and have the most advanced functionality now. So, if you choose an inverter having good quality and warranty, there will be less chance for faults in the inverter as long as it is installed correctly.

Many of the manufacturers have their list of installation equipment and requirements that are a must for the product and their performance warranty. In Australia, the product which is going to be installed must be accredited with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and the installer must have specific knowledge and proper installation training. The installer will also provide you with a minimum warranty of 12 months and up to 5 years for their workmanship.

3. When adding a battery, consider your existing solar warranties 

When you add a battery to your existing solar system, you get two main installation options: one is an AC-coupled installation and the other one is the DC-coupled installation. In AC-coupled installation, batteries, as well as the hybrid inverter, are installed along with the existing solar system whereas, in DC-coupled installation, the solar panels directly feed your battery.  

There are several pros and cons in each case but the big thing is that, since the DC-coupled installation ‘disrupts’ your current solar system, it will affect your existing solar warranty. You need to update your solar system with the latest electrical codes at every interval so as the installer could take the warranty obligations whenever required. Since the installer takes this risk, they quote this factor in their cost structure and to the end bill which they provide to you. 

4. Look for products with remote assistance

If you have any issue in the future regarding solar panels or the battery, then it will be considered as a disconnected cable or it can also be considered as a severe product fault. 

So using remote assistance to your problems can identify the issue briefly and can save your money and time as well. This will also get your system to work quicker than if you call out someone to look in person. 

5. Choose a quality brand with a local recognition

As far as the warranties are communicated to you during the sales process, the Australian consumer law has its protections. 

In addition to the warranties communicated to you in the sales process, Australian Consumer Law provides its protection. However, knowing who can get difficult if the business you purchased your solar panels or solar batteries through is no longer around. 

You can always reach out to the manufacturer directly without any consultant for executing your warranty claim. The process is very simple and the manufacturer has its own Australian office having local laws and regulations. 

See how our battery package setup

We are aware that solar investing can be a big decision for the customer as they will be investing in an asset but we make sure that it should not be a complex process for them. Our solar battery packages have flexible installation options along with great warranties by the Australian leading manufacturers.

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