January 31

Are Solar Panels Environmental Friendly?


Nowadays, more and more people are switching to solar panels as a mode to generate electricity for their homes. If you are also thinking about switching to solar power, then you might have a question: are solar panels environmentally friendly?

Well, one of the main reasons why Australians are taking steps to switch from conventional electricity to off-grid solar power is because it is a sustainable source of renewable energy. So, we often get concerned about what are these environmental benefits?

Here are some of the features of solar energy which makes it environmentally friendly:

  • It helps in replacing fossil fuels and greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions
  • It is a cost-effective method of producing electricity due to renewable sources and green energy
  • It has a long lifespan of around 30 above years and requires low maintenance— so you just have to set it up and go
  • Renewable energy is better than any form of energy for energy conservation

Why Is Solar Energy Referred Good for the Environment?

1) It Takes Place for Fossil Fuel Power Plants

It is a well-known fact that silicon solar panels do not require a significant amount of energy to produce, and hence they’re still considered an environmentally friendly solution for power generation.

Power plants burn through fossil fuels and often releases harmful pollutants into the environment—such as sulphur oxides, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide and

These chemicals actually damage the local ecosystems. Coal discharge from these plants includes around 11% of methane emissions in the US, which is a toxic compound and that too in very high concentrations. This can eventually increase the level of global warming and risk to humans and plants.

Apart from that, fossil fuels are also an exhaustible resource. So basically they are non-renewable and thus take millions of years to form. Ultimately, they’ll run out in the future.

It is true that solar energy requires a lot of energy to produce, but the best advantage is that it doesn’t create any kind of pollution or greenhouse gasses through its usage.

2) Renewable Energy

The sun has been a boundless source of power for Earth since its creation and so it will always continue to be so long into the future as well. 

Solar energy is renewable by nature and this factor makes it an eco-friendly source of energy that can manage our power needs without creating any harmful effects like the emission of greenhouse gasses.

3) Cost-Efficient

Generally, most solar panels are energy efficient having a significant rating between 11 to 15%. As photovoltaic panels become popular in the market and the rates become cheaper, they will become affordable in future. 

For Australian people, solar energy is a particularly cost-effective resource, especially during the summer and winter periods when you actually want to cut down on the heater and A/C at home.

4) Conserves Resources

Solar energy generation is a renewable resource and hence it can only be refilled by solar radiation but at the same time, it also has the potential to improve in future aspects as the companies always look for better solar technology to grow their business. 

In expansion to solar cells increasing efficiency, solar panels are predicted to last longer and the best part is that they may even be recyclable soon. This will gradually reduce solar energy’s carbon footprint thus helping solar power to become a truly sustainable option.

If we look at the current solar panel life expectancy period, they should last for the upcoming 25–30 years. This means solar energy could end up preserving raw materials over time even if the cells have a shorter lifespan period.

If solar panels don’t provide output as quickly as they consume energy, solar power can be an enumeration force on sustainable living.

5) Low Maintenance

If we talk about solar panel maintenance, then you will be amazed to know that they require minimal maintenance in order for smooth functioning. They just need a steady stream of solar radiation to uphold themselves. 

Solar panel inverters have a lifespan of around 10–15 years and can be replaced after that. But if we talk about the panels, they are expected to last double or even triple the inverter’s lifespan.

As the panels don’t need much maintenance services over their lifespan, they can work as a solid alternative in comparison to fossil fuels that require oil and coal to produce electric power.

Solar Panel and Battery Solutions

Have a roof and are interested in switching to clean, solar-powered technology?

Here are some solar panels suggestions along with the type of inverter that you may consider for your electricity needs.

QCell Panels With a Fronius Inverter

If you live in Australia, you will be very much familiar with how hot your country can be. 

So, we understand that when you think about investing your hard-earned money into a solar system from one of Australia’s leading solar panel providers, you want to make sure that it should withstand the test of time without getting overheated. 

That is the reason why we at Future Solar WA are very much committed to selling only premium panels brands to build confidence in our customers, beginning with the reputable QCell Panels with a Fronius Inverter. 

Best till date, these inverters mount directly onto QCell panels. This also offers a basic solution so that you don’t have to worry much about the different parts not functioning nicely together—because fortunately, this technology works beautifully as well.

QCell Panels With a Sunny Boy Inverter

The QCell Panels can also go with a Sunny Boy Inverter and can be considered as the perfect solar package for environmentally-friendly homes. The inverters come along with intelligent energy management and better storage solutions which makes them more convenient for usage.

It actually makes the set-up easier and a highly compatible product that provides the best results. Also, you will be relaxed as it provides a free energy monitoring app that will let you know about how much energy you generated from your system on a real-time basis. 

It also has a feature of an interconnected voice platform so that the homeowners can speak with the professionals about their queries related to solar investment, Smart Connected makes it easier to switch to solar panel technology.

Solar Panel Installation and More

We at Future Solar WA make sure that we only provide ethical, quality, and reliable solar panel solutions to our customers and build a good relationship with them.

We can assure you that we have everything that you need related to solar panel installation or any other services associated with solar power based on your energy requirements.


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